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Little Footprints, Big Steps

November 16, 2016 00:00 ET

Little Footprints, Big Steps Launches Fundraiser to Rescue Children in Haiti in the Wake of Hurricane Matthew

Child Protection Non-Profit Seeks Support to Provide Food, Shelter & Hope to Young Victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - November 16, 2016) - Little Footprints Big Steps (LFBS), a registered nonprofit organization protecting vulnerable children in Haiti, is raising funds to rescue and rebuild the lives of children in Haiti after the extreme devastation of Hurricane Matthew.

Little Footprints, Big Steps (LFBS) was founded to rescue children in Haiti from abuse, slavery, homelessness and severe neglect. They have reunited families in over 23 different communities across Haiti. Through outreach programs and local collaborations, LFBS ensures shelter, food, medical care, education and opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity are a reality. However, since Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, LFBS has been focused on disaster relief and recovery -- and the work has just begun.

"In one night, everything was destroyed in Haiti," said Little Footprints, Big Steps Co-Founder Morgan Wienberg. "The long term damage and death toll from Hurricane Matthew in Haiti will be much greater than that of the 2010 earthquake due to complete destruction of agricultural crops. Entire communities have been destroyed. Many communities have only one or two homes left standing. Families are living on the plot where their homes used to be, completely exposed. Children with broken limbs and open wounds have been left without any treatment."

The LFBS team has already helped hundreds of Haitian children and their families in need with emergency food and medical care. With needed funds they will also begin immediately investing in these children's long-term livelihoods, helping them to restore gardens and empower the Haitian families to be active participants in rebuilding their own lives after Hurricane Matthew destroyed them. LFBS will provide the families with the means to improve their own conditions and help them cope with the trauma, giving them hope so that they can move forward. LFBS will also monitor and support orphanages to ensure children in orphanages are cared for as well as hire doctors to execute mobile clinics.

"We need financial support to rebuild these young lives. We have so many kids that are wounded and incredibly traumatized. They have lost all sense of normalcy, including their schools that were destroyed. Some of the children that LFBS supports literally carried their school books with them while they were fleeing their homes in the middle of the hurricane. That is how greatly they value their education and they need to return to school as quickly as possible. This is critical in offering them normalcy to rebuild their lives and have hope moving forward," said Morgan.

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About Little Footprints, Big Steps

Little Footprints, Big Steps (LFBS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization reuniting vulnerable Haitian children with their families and provides shelter, food and education through strategic projects to build sustainable lives, one small footstep at a time. Morgan Wienberg co-founded LFBS when she was just 18-years old after witnessing children in a Haitian orphanage that were neglected, beaten, and starved. Morgan discovered that the children had been sent to the orphanage by their parents in the mistaken belief that their children would be offered food, education and loving care. Thus, Morgan began to work towards reuniting children with their families. Today, LFBS focuses on child well being & development, family & community development, advocacy of child rights and has built partnerships with Haitian authorities as well as hired a team of Haitian employees. Morgan, now 24, lives in Haiti full-time. She was awarded the Meritorious Service Cross Medal, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellowship Award for Humanitarian Impact and named a finalist for the Berger-Marks Foundation for Young Women Impacting Social Justice. She was a guest speaker at the 2013 United Nations Youth Assembly and the Udayan Care International Conference in New Delhi, India in 2016. For more information and to make a donation, please visit

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