July 20, 2006 12:00 ET

"Live From the Gig" Adds Five New Featured Bands

Virtual Venue Continues to Grow, Providing Select Artists With Prominent Placement, Exclusive Content, and Merchandise Sales

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 20, 2006 -- "Live from The Gig", the first website to stream and archive live concerts nightly, announced today that it has signed five new bands. Independent artists Ghost, LoverLee, Paperback Hero, Rozinante, and Stereo Suite have been earmarked as "Featured Bands," entitling them to priority bookings at The Gig, Hollywood's pre-eminent live music venue. These bands will have a prominent presence on the site, including bios, videos, photos and music.

Launched by independent filmmaker Peter O'Fallon ("Suicide Kings," "Blade: The Series") in May of 2006, "Live from The Gig" is a groundbreaking website that streams live performances from The Gig-Hollywood, the premiere venue for unsigned talent in Los Angeles. Every show played at The Gig is posted the following day and archived for future viewings. Additional features are constantly being added, including search functionality and the ability to rate your favorite bands.

O'Fallon's vision behind the launch of is to create an interactive forum for creative content that brings the concert-going experience online. "In working closely with these bands, I've been able to see their passion and what they go through to keep their music alive," said O' Fallon. "I'm amazed everyday by the amount of raw talent that has yet to be discovered, and these new featured bands are a testament to that. 'Live from The Gig' provides an interactive outlet where bands can share their music with a world-wide audience, including fans, family and potential music industry executives."

With three to four performances per night, seven days per week, the site has accumulated a substantial quantity of shows and exclusive footage for fans to view. The site also recently added chat forums where viewers and fans interact with one another, request their favorite shows, and discuss the previous night's performances.

In addition to the original bands the site launched with, LIVEFROMTHEGIG.COM hosts:

--  Ghost -- GHOST's new ultra-funk sound is a collection of G. Rhymes' St
    Louis rap along with Mychael Bates' sounds of Brooklyn's mean streets on
    guitar, the pure soul of J. D. on bass, and the prodigy funk drums of
    "Poppin' Fresh", Lyle D. and the rabble rousing vocals of Paul Benshoof.
    The eclectic mix of funk, soul and hip-hop have been described as an "in-
    your-face reminder that funk is best when it played loud, fast, and with
--  LoverLee -- This six-piece "lo-fi pop" band is based in Burbank,
    Calif. and was assembled in the image of other collaborative/ensemble bands
    such as The Arcade Fire, The Concretes, and Belle and Sebastian.  The group
    is comprised of six people with different levels of experience and
    backgrounds, using various instruments from their tiny junior drum set and
    children's Casio keyboards to "adult" instruments.  LoverLee strikes its
    audience as personable, enjoyable, and fun with songs that stick in their
    heads long after the last note is played.
--  Paperback Hero -- Paperback Hero is a band blessed with both strength
    and intellect.  In one short year, the North Hollywood, California-based
    group has earned both a loyal west coast audience and expanding national
    media visibility. As winners of the "2005 KROQ-Budweiser-Hard Rock Café
    Battle of the Bands," their electrifying live performances provide potent
    persuasion for industry judges and new fans alike.  Paperback Hero is
    creating a distinctive new soundtrack for their courageous musical mission.
--  Rozinante -- Rozinante is groove rock with an ebb n flow that sways
    between sultry and funky.  The music is set by percussive rhythms which lay
    down a foundation for lyrics that are both a social commentary as well as
    an interpersonal reflection.  The four musicians harmoniously blend their
    individual experiences into music that expresses their journeys.  As a full
    band they've been offering up sweet dynamics that fill any room, large or
    small. The name, Rozinante, comes from that which Don Quixote named his
    trusty steed. Rozinante symbolizes the vehicle that carries us through our
    experiences and dreams.
--  Stereo Suite -- Los Angeles-based, Stereo Suite blends a mixture of
    modern rock with high energy pop, creating a sound that appeals to a wide
    range of audiences.  Refreshingly inventive, Stereo Suite's original and
    bittersweet lyrics are accompanied by melodic pop/rock compositions that
    are reminiscent of such bands as Matchbox Twenty, Foo Fighters and Fuel. In
    the end Stereo Suite manages to create both melodically and lyrically a
    sound that captures the audience and allows them to feel they are not alone
    in the world.
Best known for its incredible sound and band-friendly staff, The Gig-Hollywood has helped launch the careers of world-renowned artists such as Macy Gray, Linkin Park and Michelle Branch.

For more information, including a calendar of performances, please visit "Live from the Gig" is the flagship property of Peter O'Fallon and his business partners' venture AlternaTV.TV.

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