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January 09, 2013 14:39 ET

Live Like a Free Range Chicken: Five New Year's Resolutions to Guarantee Happiness in 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 9, 2013) - One of the most popular New Year's resolutions is to live a healthier, more active lifestyle. With 2013 in full swing, don't chicken out on your resolution! This year, scramble up your goals and resolve to live your best life yet -- like a Free Range hen from the happy egg co.

Yes, living like a happy egg feathered friend can lead to the ultimate in health and happiness. After all, Free Range hens at the happy egg co., otherwise known as "the Girls," are raised to a gold standard: daily access to the outdoors, healthy meals with no additives, and plenty of exercise and playtime. the happy egg co. invites you to spread your wings, and peck away at these five resolutions in 2013:

1. Get outside! Happy hens from the happy egg co. have daily access to a minimum of 4 acres of pasture, where they enjoy fresh air, trees and a good stroll. Take some time for yourself to enjoy nature and the world around you.

2. Schedule playtime! Hens at the happy egg co. like to play with pecking toys or perch on tree branches and wooden perching towers. Avoid the itch to work around the "cluck," and instead, relax, rejuvenate and recharge by engaging in your favorite extra-cluck-ricular activities.

3. Dust Bathe! Ok, maybe you shouldn't take a dust bath in sand pits like the Girls, but maintaining good hygiene does improve self-esteem and your overall wellbeing... not to mention it's the best way to keep "fowl" smells at bay.

4. Eat Right and Drink Plenty of Water! Happy hens consume plenty of clean water and a specially formulated, all-natural diet enhanced with vitamins. Humans can also make sure that they are getting the right nutrition their bodies need by eating happy eggs. A perfect protein with no need for added nutrients, Free Range eggs from the happy egg co. are a staple in any well-balanced diet.

5. Exercise Frequently! Like "the Girls," it's important to run, jump and fly daily. Ruffle a few feathers by playing a game of chicken. Fly the coop for a hike in the great outdoors. You, too, will feel the benefits of being free to flap your wings.

Keep in mind that birds of a feather flock together -- invite your friends to join you in your goals and you will be more successful. Happy egg hens are kept in flocks of 16,000 birds, which means each of the girls has plenty of support and friendship. 

"Happy eggs come from happy hens that roam freely on pastures, and there are plenty of benefits for both hens and humans who live this kind of healthy, active lifestyle," said Cyd Syzmanski, third generation chicken farmer and eggs-pert at the happy egg co. "We believe our standards are golden, and aim to improve the welfare of hens in the United States through our example. We hope you will engage in some of the same activities in the New Year so you can live your best life yet."

For more information about how the happy egg co. can help you keep your New Year's resolution, flock to or cluck alongside the Girls at or @HappyEggCoUSA.

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