SOURCE: Author Dr. Eudene Harry

Author Dr. Eudene Harry

November 09, 2012 14:15 ET

'Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps' -- a Practical Guide Tailored for Individual Needs

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Nov 9, 2012) - Beyond the fads and controversial health mandates, there is one truth to keep in mind, says Dr. Eudene Harry, author of "Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps," ( -- nutrition is the foundation of all health.

"Unfortunately, too many of us have the wrong perspective when it comes to diet and exercise," she says. "When we do what is generally bad for us -- lay around eating too much fat and sugar -- we consider it a reward. But when we exercise and eat wholesome, healthy foods, we think of that as a chore."

Harry wants to turn that thinking around, and she does so not by preaching to readers but through careful explanation.

A former emergency room physician, she began to see the missing pieces of traditional Western medicine -- its failure to take into account the interdependencies not only of physical systems, but of physical, spiritual and emotional systems.

"We weren't doing chronic care well because we were missing pieces," she says. "Nutrition and the mind-body connection are two vital elements of good health. If you want to look and feel young, you can't neglect these."

In her book, Harry uses patient anecdotes to illustrate and clarify her points. She points out the best foods for keeping various physiological functions humming and explains our physiological reaction to emotional and lifestyle issues.

"Harry takes a holistic approach to healthier living," writes Kirkus Reviews. "Harry outlines the basic functions of the body, the facts and triggers that affect its well-being, and the nourishment and activities that complement healthier living in a comprehensive and comprehensible way.

"Perhaps most importantly, Harry takes a very individualistic approach, acknowledging that every person has a unique set of traits, habits and needs; valid approaches to healthier living can vary. In addition to sound medical education and advice, the book touches on healthier living from an emotional and spiritual sense."

About Eudene Harry, M.D.

Dr. Eudene Harry completed her medical degree and residency training at Thomas Jefferson University. She has been practicing medicine nearly 20 years, including 10 as an emergency physical for Level II trauma centers. She is the medical director for the integrative and holistic Oasis Wellness and Rejuvenation Center, and is founder of Oasis for Optimal Health, a private practice focused on integrative, holistic wellness and empowering and educating the patient.

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