May 17, 2012 08:00 ET

LiveAll Gives Group Memories a Montage Makeover

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 17, 2012) - LiveAll debuted its first mobile application for iOS and accompanying website at DEMO Spring 2012. LiveAll is a new startup social platform that allows friends to form group memories. During and after an event or for a meaningful relationship, friends tend to upload to different albums across various social media sites, if they upload at all. LiveAll solves this problem by allowing users to create private or public collaborative spaces where friends can add all of their social content from their shared experiences. In response to growing privacy concerns and increasing social clutter on traditional social media sites, LiveAll is aiming to be the go-to place to record and relive your best events and relationships.

LiveAll's memory creation process is simple. Users can sign in through Facebook, start a "montage," choose from straight-forward privacy settings, and invite friends to contribute where they can add photos, videos, check-ins, links and comments. The content in the montage is automatically arranged into a sleek magazine layout, transforming it into a true keepsake. LiveAll streams the content live as it's added, so the memory creation process can happen in real time during an event using the LiveAll mobile application. Everything added via mobile can instantly be found on where users can edit content, continue to add to their existing montages and start new ones. Additionally, users can easily pull in images from Facebook and Instagram. In the future, LiveAll will be able to retrieve material from multiple social media platforms so that users can seamlessly gather all of their memories together.

Lastly, will have a "discover" option where users can browse through montages from friends and the public that have been made visible. Friends might use montages to capture parties, birthdays, weddings, travels and the like, but public events like sports games and concerts can also use LiveAll as a platform to gather user-generated content by allowing anyone to contribute to the montage. No matter the use case, the driving idea is that if you experience something with others, your memory should be in one place -- not scattered across different sites between different albums and friends. Anything worth remembering can be made into a montage.

The LiveAll team started up nearly nine months ago after securing an investment from Trend Micro and currently has seven dedicated members. Six members of the team are based in Taipei, Taiwan and one is based in New York, New York. As follows, LiveAll will enter the Taiwanese and US markets first.

In the weeks after DEMO, LiveAll will be making a series of changes to improve the interface and user experience and will continue to make changes based on user feedback. LiveAll for iOS will be available for free in the App store shortly after its debut at DEMO. The team will also release a picture gaming application tied to the idea of collaborative memory creation this summer. Check out more on LiveAll, Facebook and Twitter.

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