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LiveDeal, Inc.

March 06, 2014 09:00 ET

LiveDeal, Inc. Continues Growth Stage in 2014 With $10 Million and Media Campaign

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 6, 2014) - LiveDeal, Inc. (NASDAQ: LIVE) is off to a booming start in less than six short months since launching its online deal marketplace in San Diego, California, in September 2013. Much like many technology companies with a new platform dependent upon users en masse, is no different. So, the company will continue its growth stage in 2014 to build the LiveDeal brand and to introduce many new users and more and more merchants to its "instant" real-time deal platform.

In the early stages of any new public platform, the name of the game is growth. After all, to reach the point where any company can demand revenue from its technology, it must first deliver an audience. LiveDeal seems to be having no problem at all convincing restaurant owners that its online and mobile platform connecting restaurants with consumers is the best way for merchants to assume control of their own business traffic.

Merchants can use to create real-time deals when they need customers the most. Now, it's time for the company's CEO and President Jon Isaac to drive consumers to his platform in each of the cities LiveDeal has launched its platform. San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City are all on board, and each represents a major opportunity for LiveDeal.

Two recent announcements by the company's CEO seem to be aimed at just that, building the brand to make consumers aware of the platform around the country. Jon Isaac announced in February that LiveDeal has raised $10,000,000, in an at-the-market offering, and stated that the company will kick off its nationwide media campaign on the widely popular Howard Stern show on Sirius XM radio. Money and a megaphone offer LiveDeal the tools to realize their growth expectations which, in turn, should eventually allow the company to drive revenues.

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