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November 22, 2010 09:00 ET

Livemocha™ Launches Teacher/Student Edition

New Tools Help Teachers Track Student Progress and Improve Skills; Helps Offset Sluggish Enrollment Growth and Budget Cuts to Education

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - November 22, 2010) -  Livemocha™, the world's largest language learning community and one of Time Magazine's 50 Best Websites, today announced the launch of the Teacher/Student Edition of its ground-breaking Livemocha Active Courses™ for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Active Courses promise language mastery through the combination of world-class course curriculum, personalized feedback from Livemocha Experts and limitless practice with native speakers.

The Livemocha community contains nearly eight million members from 195 countries, including more than 300,000 trained teachers, many of whom use Livemocha in their classrooms.

"Livemocha already offers the world's largest language community and the most robust online curriculum in the industry," said Michael Schutzler, chief executive officer of Livemocha. "Now with the Teacher/Student edition, we put the tools in place for both teacher and student to track progress. And of course, you get limitless practice with native speakers for encouragement and true language mastery."

The announcement comes just a day after the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) released its latest enrollment data for public school foreign language classes which showed virtually no growth since its last study conducted in 2004-2005. Budget cuts have taken their toll on foreign language programs across the country making complementary language learning tools like Livemocha critical for teachers trying to ensure the ongoing success of foreign language teaching in the America school system.

The Livemocha Teacher/Student Edition provides several new features and learning tools specifically designed to supplement classroom curriculum including:

  • Administrative Tools -- Teachers receive progress reports including weekly digest emails documenting individual student progress. Teachers also have access to all speaking and writing exercises completed.
  • Livemocha Experts -- Pre-qualified language experts who provide personalized feedback to a student's submissions.
  • Active Course Material -- Includes course material that can be used in class or assigned as homework, videos of native speaker conversations, grammar lessons, writing, speaking, and role play activities that are critiqued by native speakers and Livemocha Experts.
  • Study Buddies -- Livemocha members from all over the world submit exercises for each other to review. In the process, they provide each other encouragement, tips on pronunciation and grammar, cultural notes and, most importantly, fun!
  • Flashcards -- Teachers and students can create custom flashcard sets or use one of the 50,000 flashcard sets created by other Livemocha members. Students can review new material, take timed quizzes and improve their recall.
  • Conversations with Native Speakers -- Students can practice conversation skills 24x7 with native speakers in the Livemocha community using text or audio chat. Students can also ask Livemocha members for help with regional dialects, idioms, travel tips, etc.

Designed with the help of leading language publishers Pearson and Harper Collins, the new Active Courses provide a set of online self-study courses that match or exceed the educational caliber of traditional textbook curriculum while integrating online community instruction to promote a level of fluency attained only through practice with native speakers. The Active Course offerings promise language mastery upon course completion and at a fraction of the cost of traditional language learning software.

Burlington High School in the Boston area is already using the new product to fill a void created by budget cuts to some of its higher level language classes. Since their French IV class had been cut, several Burlington High students approached their principal about using Livemocha to prepare them for next year's AP French class and AP Exam.

"We simply couldn't provide these kids the traditional classroom experience they needed to advance in their French studies so we were relieved to find Livemocha as a viable alternative," said Patrick Larkin, Principal at Burlington High School. "With Livemocha, we were able to help these kids continue to learn on a self-study basis, but with the added ability to check in with their language teacher who can monitor their progress. As a result, these kids are making substantial progress as they prepare for the next level of their mastery of the French language."

The Teacher/Student Edition is available in two purchase options -- Classroom Plan and Student Plan.

Classroom Plan
The Classroom Plan is offered to any educational institution purchasing Active Course licenses to be used by an entire class of students. It includes administrative tools such as weekly emails sent to teachers tracking each student's progress as well as their submission scores. Teachers also have access to all completed speaking and writing submissions.

Under the group license plan, the instructor receives one free license and each student receives an activation code that associates that student with his or her teacher. Students can use Livemocha at home or at school.

Student Plan
The Student Plan is for teachers who want to recommend Livemocha to their students as a supplement without incorporating it into the daily classroom curriculum. Under the Student Plan, the purchase decision is left to the individual student and they receive a Teacher/Student Edition discount. The Student Plan does not offer teachers the administrative tools provided in the Classroom Plan.

Paying for Livemocha in the Classroom
With school budgets as tight as ever, Livemocha helps teachers and administrators work with their local PTO/PTSAs, or apply for local grants that offer funding for these types of supplemental educational opportunities.

Livemocha also offers basic vocabulary-builder courses in 38 languages and comprehensive language mastery courses for Spanish, French, Italian, German and English.

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