January 16, 2007 09:00 ET

LiveOps Announces General Availability of Secure Exchange

First Call-Center Security Application to Enable Confidential Exchange of Sensitive Customer Information

PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- LiveOps, the leader in distributed contact centers, today announced the immediate availability of Secure Exchange, a patent-pending technology that allows callers to provide and receive sensitive personal information while restricting the call center agent from hearing or accessing that data. Secure Exchange protects callers from exposing their credit card numbers or personal data that could leave them at risk for identity theft or other fraud. Contracting with over 10,000 home agents, LiveOps is the leading distributed contact center in the United States.

Secure Exchange is the first call center technology that meets data privacy concerns impacting a variety of industries such as financial services and healthcare. Sensitive caller information, such as credit card and social security numbers, financial information or medical history, is captured or delivered within a secure environment: The agent cannot hear or see any of the input, but can track the caller's progress in real time in case the caller needs assistance. In addition, Secure Exchange assures that captured data is encrypted whenever it is stored or transferred. As a result, sensitive customer information can never be accessed by agents or any non-approved personnel.

According to Keith Mirchandani, also known as Kishore Mirchandani, CEO of Tristar Products Inc., the marketers behind the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer products, "Secure Exchange offers our customers further assurance that their credit card information is safe. It's a preventative measure I think consumers will really appreciate. While calls are completely secure, callers are never left unattended and are always able to get help. A LiveOps agent still owns the call and can take instant action if an issue arises, such as if a caller does not enter enough credit card numbers."

LiveOps CEO Maynard Webb further explains, "The financial services and healthcare industries, in particular, have stringent compliance requirements with HIPAA and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. We took it upon ourselves to create a new technology and environment to assure total security of confidential caller information. Secure Exchange is simple to use, powerful and effective. We expect this to change the way all industries handle sensitive data exchanges with callers. It is simply good business."

Secure Exchange will be an integrated feature within the LiveOps platform, which eliminates security and reliability concerns that arise when calls are transferred between systems. It is bi-directional, so callers can both input or collect sensitive information within the secure environment. Secure Exchange, like most features integrated with the LiveOps platform, is highly flexible and can be configured to exchange information at any point during a call and as many times during the call as the business requires. It can be configured to initiate in an ad hoc manner without traditional scripted call flow requirements. Secure Exchange has been fully implemented and is available immediately to LiveOps customers.

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