September 16, 2008 09:00 ET

LiveOps Announces the Availability of Its Fall 08 On-Demand Call Center Platform

Company Continues to Lead the Industry in Security and Agent Desktop Enhancements

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 16, 2008) - LiveOps, the virtual call center company, today announced extensive updates to its On-Demand Call Center Platform. Enhancements include security features to provide additional layers of protection for customer data, updates to LiveOps' unified performance feedback system, and a redesigned agent telephony interface. Additionally, the company has announced the availability of Verizon as a carrier, providing customers with more options for telephony integration. LiveOps is showcasing its On-Demand Call Center Platform this week at the fifth Annual Call Center Exhibition (ACCE) in Booth #1208.

"LiveOps is the only company to offer a mission-critical SaaS solution that addresses the issues that are keeping CIOs up at night -- security, high-availability and integration," said Maynard Webb, Chairman and CEO of LiveOps. "Our Fall 2008 enhancements are evidence that we are committed to bringing continuous innovation, in partnership with our customers, to the call center market."

"Business agility in contact center operations is paramount to meeting customer's changing demands quickly and efficiently," said Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst of Customer Interaction Technologies at Datamonitor. "LiveOps' On-Demand Platform provides customers with greater flexibility to react to the changing environment, while delivering new features that help them improve performance and efficiencies in their contact center operations."

Secure Desktop Provides an Encrypted Virtual Workspace for Agents

Today's announcement includes extensive security feature enhancements to address agent-side risks. LiveOps' latest security offering, called Secure Desktop, locks agents into an encrypted virtual desktop workspace free from malware or key loggers, and prevents agents from storing or copying data to their hard drive or external systems such as mobile devices or printers. All customer information is encrypted and when the agent logs out, Secure Desktop executes a secure self-destruct to ensure that no customer-sensitive information remains cached on the computer. As an integral component of the LiveOps On-Demand Call Center Platform, Secure Desktop does not require downloads or desktop installations; it is activated when the agent logs on to the platform via their desktop browser.

Also, Secure Desktop ensures that only agent computers meeting LiveOps' rigorous security standards are allowed to log on. Every time an agent's computer attempts to connect to Secure Desktop, it must complete in-depth antivirus, personal firewall, system integrity and service pack compliance checks. Secure Desktop has the capability to detect and block key loggers and screen scraper viruses as they execute in real-time.

All agents and systems that use Secure Desktop can be monitored and managed by the LiveOps Secure Desktop Dashboard. This enterprise agent dashboard can be monitored by the 24x7 LiveOps Security Operations Center (SOC), or directly by the client.

Expanded Security Practice to Focus on Agent Community

Secure Desktop is part of LiveOps' multi-layered enterprise security strategy protecting all aspects of the LiveOps service, including network security, systems and applications security, data encryption, and physical security at the data center. LiveOps recognizes that technology is only part of creating a multi-layered secure environment -- it also requires best practices and trained people, ensuring adherence to policies and procedures. Consequently, the company has added to its security practice with the creation of two specialized teams focused on the agent community:

--  Agent Security Coordinators (ASC) -- an expansive team responsible for
    ensuring security best practices are utilized by the agents.
--  Agent Security Auditors (ASA) -- a specialized team of certified
    security auditors who will manually listen to calls for compliance to
    LiveOps' rigorous security requirements.  This auditing practice is in
    addition to the 100 percent call recording performed by the LiveOps On-
    Demand Call Center Platform.

"There are so many nuances in a phone conversation that it is easy for a data breach to go undetected by an automated security system," said Niall Browne, Chief Information Security Officer at LiveOps. "While we continue to invest in new innovations in technology to eliminate risk and security issues, we are also building a world-class security organization to ensure our customer data is well protected from end-to-end."

Today's security announcements build on the company's effort to establish best practices that meet the most rigorous industry standards. LiveOps previously announced it had achieved Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard Level 1 compliance, meeting the highest requirements for the payment card industry for securing customer account data. Also, LiveOps was recently named a co-chair, along with Citibank and KPMG, of the Technical Development Committee of the BITS Shared Assessments Program. This industry consortium is designed to help financial institutions carefully evaluate the security of the systems, processes and controls their service providers have in place.

New Agent Desktop Enhancements Improve User Experience

The LiveOps On-Demand Call Center Platform provides the tools call center managers need to optimize performance and efficiencies, including an integrated suite of agent productivity applications. With the Fall 08 enhancements, the company has updated the performance management system and agent telephony interface to make these productivity tools more efficient for on-premise as well as remote agents.

The performance management system now enables both automated and manager-provided qualitative feedback in a single, easy to access interface. A unified dashboard format allows agents to review feedback from auditors and managers who have monitored their calls, as well as listen to specific call recordings themselves. It also includes quantitative data such as average handle time stats or other performance metrics so agents have the details they need to self-assess and manage performance.

The new telephony user interface improves usability functionality for both agents and call center managers. It allows agents to manage incoming calls and track minutes and numbers of calls from any remote location with the use of a desktop browser and a phone line. For call center managers, the new agent telephony interface is based on Web Services and an open API architecture, providing flexibility for LiveOps to integrate customer-centric features and applications.

LiveOps at ACCE

LiveOps is an ACCE Platinum sponsor and is joined by its partner and co-Platinum sponsor,, in Booth #1208 at the Phoenix Convention Center. LiveOps will be showcasing the latest version of its On-Demand Call Center Platform. Today at ACCE, and LiveOps are sponsoring an open-to-all session to be presented by Qualcomm and AAA Ohio titled "Software-as-a-Service Platforms are Driving Success in the Contact Center."

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