May 15, 2007 09:00 ET

LiveOps Home Agents Save Environment 1.4 Million Gallons of Gas per Year

By Contracting From Home, 10,000 Agents Save $4.2 Million in Commuting Costs

PALO ALTO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- LiveOps, the leading distributed call center in the U.S., today revealed that its use of home-based customer service agents, or home agents, is sparing the environment 1,427,028 gallons of burned fuel per year. The average round-trip commute for American workers is 32 miles per day. By working from home, LiveOps' 10,000 home agents have saved a staggering $4,281,248 ($3.00/per gallon) in gas money.

A recent survey of 1497 LiveOps home agents revealed that 59% drive cars and 41% drive trucks, minivans, sport utility vehicles, vans and pick-ups.

According to LiveOps CEO Maynard Webb, "Companies and governmental organizations are all finding ways to support the cutting of carbon emissions. One by one, 10,000 LiveOps home agents are helping, too. By running their own home-based businesses, home agents have cut out their daily commutes, saving them time and money and also sparing the environment."

About LiveOps

LiveOps, Inc., the leader in distributed contact centers, enables its more than 150 customers to deliver a high performance call center and high quality customer contact in the most cost-effective means possible. Our hosted call center platform instantly provides an enterprise-scale distributed call center infrastructure, while our network of 10,000 experienced agents can quickly represent companies in an effective and professional manner. LiveOps' solutions allow for greater flexibility, quality, scalability, control and cost savings than traditional contact centers and contact center technology providers. LiveOps is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and is on the web at

Note to editors on data:

The gasoline savings were calculated using the following data: According to February 14, 2005 ABC News Poll results, the average one-way commute distance in America is 26 minutes and 32 miles per day round-trip. The 2004 Auto Alliance Report reveals the average fuel efficiency for vehicles in America is 28.7 miles per gallon for cars and 20.9 miles per gallon for trucks.

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