December 03, 2013 09:01 ET

LiveQoS Launches World's First Quality as a Service Platform

Improves WiFi experience and Congested Mobile Networks for Users

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - LiveQoS®, the market leader in Quality of Experience (QoE) for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs, has announced the launch of the world's first Quality as a Service® (QaaS™) platform. The LiveQaas™ platform dramatically enhances QoE for all mobile devices and cloud applications by maximizing performance over slow, laggy, and congested wired, WiFi, and mobile networks.

LiveQaaS™ leverages the IPQ™ Quality of Service (QoS) framework to monitor, find, and fix network problems when connected over wired, WiFi or 3G/4G networks. LiveQaaS-enhanced mobile devices guarantee the best mobile user experience by maximizing the network speed for:

  • Browsing the web
  • Streaming video
  • Uploading photos and documents
  • Downloading media and large files
  • Syncing files in the cloud (backup & restore)
  • Using Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud and mobile apps
  • Video chatting and conferencing
  • Accessing business documents remotely

"We designed LiveQaaS™ to be easily embedded on mobile devices, or integrated with mobile cloud applications using a simple API," said Martin Horne, LiveQoS® CEO. "Mobile device manufacturers and mobile application developers have told us that WiFi and 3G/4G networks have inconsistent quality, resulting in unhappy users. Unwittingly, these users blame the cloud application or the device, when the real culprit is the network. We fix these network problems, so mobile devices and applications run amazingly fast, even under poor network conditions."

LiveQaaS™ does this by continuously monitoring the network, device, and application. It then adaptively tunes IPQ's™ optimizers to fix problems immediately, giving users the ultimate mobile experience.

As part of the launch announcement, LiveQoS® is offering anyone interested in testing the capabilities of LiveQaaS™ the ability to demo and test it themselves. A demonstration video and download can be found at

"Now users can experience blazingly fast internet, by seeing for themselves how our LiveQaaS™ technology can improve their network," said Matthew Williams, LiveQoS CTO.

"In this 30 second demo users will experience 2 simultaneous file transfers to Amazon EC2 servers in Ireland. One transfer will be protected by our LiveQaaS™ technology while the other will not. At the end of the demo users will see % increase in network throughput achieved with LiveQaaS along with the rate and amount of data actually transferred with and without the technology." Williams went on to say, "Since networks change from moment to moment, users should run the test multiple times in varying conditions. Test it on your home WiFi, office LAN or at your local coffee shop. Each time you will see different results. This is due to ever changing networks and the adaptive nature of LiveQaaS. As the network changes we adapt our approach to optimization to ensure the best possible QoE." With LiveQaaS™ LiveQoS can find and fix the internet bottlenecks that cause the most annoying problems: buffering of video, broken audio, stalled images in video chats, and slow data transfers. 

"Everything is mobile now and end users need and expect their device and apps to work better and faster. We give our customers this unique competitive advantage," added Horne.

Interested mobile device manufacturers and application developers can learn more about the LiveQaaS™ platform at The LiveQaaS demo can be downloaded at

About LiveQoS®

As the market leader in Quality of Experience (QoE) for cloud and mobile, only LiveQoS® has IPQ™ to find and fix the problems on any wired and wireless network. This guarantees the best video and virtualization experience for smartphones, tablets, laptops and thin clients.

LiveQoS® develops, manufactures and supports IPQ™, a framework that maximizes the quality of controlled and uncontrolled networks according to actual link conditions and actual application requirements. IPQ™ enables applications to run as-designed in network environments where the application would otherwise fail or the user would suffer unsatisfactory Quality of Experience (QoE). IPQ™ is the only commercially available solution that meets these requirements.

The Company serves customers of all sizes in the mobile, cloud computing, enterprise and unified communications verticals. For more information, please visit