November 12, 2007 13:28 ET

Livescribe Gives Students Advanced Access to Smartpens With Online Giveaway

Livescribe Launches Livescribe Wall Application on Facebook® Platform

OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2007) - Livescribe, Inc. ( today announced it will offer college students, professionals and gadget gurus alike a chance to be one of the first to receive its yet-to-be-released smartpen via an online giveaway on

In addition, Livescribe announced a Livescribe Wall application built on Facebook Platform that allows Facebook users to post or send audio-enhanced animated notes or drawings to each other. The Livescribe Wall application is a web-based simulation of how the Livescribe smartpen works with paper.

The Livescribe smartpen, launching in Q1 2008, gives college students all the portability, flexibility and ease-of-use of pen and paper with the functionality and power of a computer.

"Livescribe's smartpen is the perfect companion for college students that are constantly taking notes and need to recall information at the drop of a hat," said Byron Connell, Livescribe's Chief Marketing Officer. "Students will feel at ease knowing they'll never miss a critical word, graph or chart again."

The smartpen captures handwriting and simultaneously records lectures or conversations while writing, ensuring students will never miss a word. Students can access recorded lectures from classes simply by tapping directly on their paper notes.

The smartpen connects to the PC allowing students to transfer, backup, and even search for words within their notes. Students can also transform their notes or drawings into interactive flash movies and upload their creations online for anyone to see. Additional downloadable applications will be announced at in Q1 2008.

Anyone can learn more about the "Livescribe Smartpen Sweepstakes" at or if you are a Facebook user you can go directly to the "Livescribe - Never miss a word" group. Two smartpens will be given away every day until January 28, 2008 through a random selection process. Winners will be the first to receive smartpens when they become available in early Q1 2008.

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Product Availability

Livescribe's smartpen, dot paper and software applications will be available for purchase online in Q1 2008 by U.S. residents. The smartpen costs less than $200 and can store more than 100 hours of audio. Visit to preorder a smartpen before December 31, 2007 to receive free shipping and handling.

About Livescribe, Inc.

Located in Oakland, Calif., Livescribe has developed a new low-cost mobile computing platform that connects the paper and digital worlds. Founded by Jim Marggraff, an entrepreneur and inventor of paper-based computing, including the LeapPad and Fly Pentop Computer, the company is designing innovative solutions that enhance personal productivity, learning, communication, and self expression for anyone who writes with pen and paper. For more information, visit Livescribe at Livescribe has licensed Anoto technology for use in its Pulse smartpen and dot paper. Anoto AB, inventor of optical pen technology and dot pattern, holds intellectual property that allows quick and reliable transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media.

About Anoto Group AB

Anoto Group is the world leader in Digital Pen and Paper technology and inventor of the first commercialized Digital Pen and Paper system allowing quick and reliable transmission of handwritten text from paper to digital media. Anoto works with a global network of partners focusing on user-friendly forms solutions for efficient capture, transmission and storing of data for a variety of business segments including healthcare, banking and finance, transportation and logistics, government and education. The Anoto Group has around 100 employees, offices in Lund (head office), Boston and Tokyo. Major shareholders are Norden Technology A/S, Robur and SEB. The Anoto share is traded on the Mid Cap of the OMX Nordic Exchanges in Stockholm under the ticker ANOT. For more information:

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