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March 14, 2011 12:44 ET

L.J. Star Announces Sight-Glass Camera for Explosion Proof Environments

New Sight-Glass Camera System Has Remote Control and Image Capture

TWINSBURG, OH--(Marketwire - March 14, 2011) - L.J. Star has introduced an explosion-proof sight-glass camera that allows safe viewing of process systems in hazardous areas.

Compared to some other ex-rated sight-glass cameras, the Lumiglas® K25-Ex VISULEX Camera System offers high resolution for precise observation, easy operation and setup, and the ability to control and contrast captured images.

This CCD video camera is available with a fixed focus or zoom lens and a resolution of up to 480 TV lines. The stainless-steel IP67 housing is approved for Ex Zones 1 & 2, Group IIc (includes Groups IIa & IIb).

The camera may be used with any sight glass. It is ideal for any hazardous location where operator access to a sight glass is difficult or dangerous, and for remote locations that require a great deal of time for operators to reach.

Video from the sight-glass camera can be viewed remotely, allowing operators to observe processes from a central location away from the hazardous environment. If the user provides a gateway to the Internet, streaming video and still images can be viewed via the Internet from any location in the world.

Using a PC or notebook computer, included LumiCam Windows® software allows operators to remotely control zoom, focus, aperture, shutter, gain, and other functions, such as controlling and capturing images for comparison. Video images can be recorded 24x7 to document processes.

An adjustable stainless-steel mounting bracket is provided to allow for accurate adjustment of the camera view. The camera can also be equipped with sanitary connections for sterile environments. Explosion-proof lights are available for lighting the viewing area.

Visual observation of processes is essential in many chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical applications. Operators use sight glasses to see changes inside tanks and vessels to monitor the process. From a remote location, this sight-glass camera allows operators to verify chemical reactions, confirm fluid levels, evaluate foam formation, and adjust the processes. Fast response to process conditions may translate into significant production efficiencies. In addition, early detection of irregularities helps ensure safety, and the ability to witness cleaning helps ensure quality.

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