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November 14, 2007 08:00 ET

LNXI Announces Validation and Performance Engineering™, a Continuous Solution Development Process for the High-Performance Computing Market

VPE Offers Reliable, Stable, Application-Tuned and Production-Ready HPC Systems From Day-One

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - November 14, 2007) - Linux Networx, an award-winning provider of Linux-based, production-ready High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, is pleased to announce its Validation and Performance Engineering (VPE™) Solution Development Process for the mid-market HPC computing space. Linux Networx' VPE Solution Process truly delivers on "easy to design, implement and deploy" claims so casually made by competing vendors, providing proven, tested and validated HPC systems from day-one.

With VPE, Linux Networx has developed a unique and robust HPC cluster performance benchmarking and optimization process designed to provide customers with a fully-functional, production-ready clustered system that has been validated to deliver the required system results. Linux Networx' VPE Solution Process is the only continuous process that ensures customers will receive the comprehensive HPC solution they need to quickly reach their business goals and also get dedicated support throughout the entire implementation lifecycle.

Linux Networx' VPE Solution Process features four key steps that enable each and every HPC cluster solution to achieve top performance and meet the business objectives of customers from the moment of installation:

--  Customer-Driven Product Development: Linux Networx leverages the
    company's extensive HPC expertise, experience and vendor relationships long
    before first engaging a potential customer, delivering market driven HPC
    software and products which are then tailored and architected into an HPC
    solution based on the customer's business and technical requirements.
--  Recommended Solution Plan: From the very first engagement, Linux
    Networx works closely with the customer to understand their business and
    technical HPC cluster requirements.  From this information, Linux Networx
    synthesizes requirements to match appropriate products to their Linux
    Networx' HPC solution, ensuring that the customer's technical requirements
    and business goals are met.  The result is a dynamic recommended solution
    plan, which is constantly supported through the Linux Networx Solution
--  Production-Ready HPC Solution: Linux Networx executes on the customer
    Recommended Solution Plan through a quality-controlled fulfillment process
    which, when completed, delivers to the customer a production-ready solution
    that is reliable, productive and performance driven.
--  Life-Cycle Solution Support: Linux Networx' premier support and
    service infrastructure meets the continuous needs of Linux Networx'
    customer base.  Life-cycle support includes remote administration; customer
    specific project management; requirement system review; weekly and
    quarterly customer management calls; and quarterly VPE life-cycle tuning,
    on- and off-site.

VPE is supported by Linux Networx' HPC software stack expertise and backed by its real-world deployment experiences which span more than 500 clusters. The process delivers a hardware and software-validated, pre-configured clustered system to enable IT managers and system administrators to confidently roll-out a production-ready, performance-tested cluster resource across the organization -- without making it necessary to learn the intricacies of Linux and clusters prior to deployment.

"Many HPC providers claim to offer a performance-oriented, production-ready Linux cluster, but none come with the level of expertise that Linux Networx can offer -- and our Linux Networx VPE Solution Process is a testament to our many years designing Linux cluster systems for the HPC space," said Jack Kenney, CEO of Linux Networx. "The VPE process enables us to take a unique and different approach towards the design and building of each and every cluster solution we deliver, resulting in reliable, stable, application-tuned and production-ready systems. VPE offers a continuous process that's integrated and incorporated into the very core of our product offering."

About Linux Networx

LNXI provides comprehensive high-performance computing (HPC) solutions that enable mid-market companies in the oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, government, and heavy manufacturing sectors to reach their business critical goals faster. The LNXI focus is architecting, delivering and supporting HPC cluster solutions based on the customers' unique business and technical requirements. LNXI employs Validation and Performance Engineering™ to ensure all system components are optimized and fully tested, resulting in a production-ready cluster that is up and running in hours -- not weeks. By accelerating the time to productive use and supporting customers throughout the product lifecycle, LNXI clusters enable greater scientific and engineering productivity and performance, faster innovation, and increased competitive advantage.

With a customer base that includes industry leaders Boeing, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, AG, Audi, Caterpillar, John Deere, Total, Schlumberger, Shell, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and the Departments of Defense, Energy and Agriculture, LNXI is a trusted provider of HPC solutions.

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