Steelback Brewery

Steelback Brewery

July 27, 2005 16:44 ET


Attention: News Editor TIVERTON/ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - July 27, 2005) - Frank D'Angelo, CEO and President of Steelback Brewery says he will not back down from the "strong-arm tactics" of SEIU (Service Employees International Union) organizer Tom Galivan and vehemently denies their claims. Steelback employees voted "no" to a union early this week and D'Angelo accuses the SEIU of a "smear campaign against himself, his brewery, and his management to further the union's goals and not those of the people they are supposed to represent" ever since.

"We welcome the Ontario Labour Board's ruling." Said D'Angelo. "It will vindicate Steelback Brewery and reveal Mr. Galivan's true intensions." D'Angelo went on to add, "I have nothing to hide, the brewery has nothing to hide and we will defend all allegations filed by the SEIU. If Mr. Galivan continues to make false allegations against Steelback Brewery and myself legal action will be taken against him personally and the SEIU".

Mr. D'Angelo went on to say "I don't understand how Mr. Galivan and the SEIU can say that they have the best interest of the Steelback employees in mind and at the same time launch a public relations smear campaign to try and destroy the good name of Steelback Brewery".

Steelback is a private company, it currently has nine products available through The Beer Store; Steelback Silver, Steelback Red, Steelback Blue Thunder, Bruce County Wild, Chain, Tango, Link Light, Tiverton Honey Lager and Tiverton Dark Lager. Steelback offers consumers premium beers in innovative packaging, utilizing plastic bottles and full "body sleeve" labels that resemble a hand painted bottle. It's the first brewery in Canada to use this technology.


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