June 25, 2012 07:30 ET

Local Business Deploys Extraordinary Hybrid Green Energy Sustainability/Disaster Recovery System With Huge Fiscal, Environmental Impact

Industry Leading eTailer's Innovative Hybrid Green Energy System Facilitates Substantial Utility Cost Savings, Complete Energy Independence, Mission-Critical Disaster Recovery & Sustainability, and Excess Energy 'Sell Back' Revenue

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Jun 25, 2012) - With its corporate headquarters entrenched in a hurricane hot zone and in response to escalating electricity costs to run the company's technology-driven operation, (, an industry-leading eTailer of electrical, telecom/datacom, home theater, cable and wire management products, today announced the successful deployment of its novel hybrid green sustainability/disaster recovery system. This to make the company's facility more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and energy independent with respect to utility pipeline down time related to hurricanes and other natural disasters as well as unforeseen brown and black outs common in the region.

"We have been affected seriously by hurricanes in the past, and our city has frequent power shutdowns each year, both controlled and uncontrolled by our Florida Power & Light (FPL) utility," notes Paul Holstein, co-founder and COO of "In addition, the cost to power our electronics-dependent operation is ever-increasing. As such, we made an investment into a hybrid solar energy system that offers extraordinary operational and financial benefits both short and long term. 

Holstein continues, "Most backup power systems are classified as either grid tie -- which denotes that when the utility company goes down, a company's power is shut off as well, or standalone -- a type of system that stays up regardless of the utility company, but is completely independent of the grid and so cannot sell electricity back to the utility. Our system does both. As long as the local power grid is up, we are a grid tie system but the moment it goes down, we are a standalone system. Our backup system is completely standby. If the power goes out, most people at the office would not even notice."

Boast-Worthy Benefits installed 144 solar panels on the roof of its headquarters, each of which provide 250 watts of power (36kw total). These solar panels feed a battery bank of 48 massive batteries of 4 volts each. While the utility's power grid is fully operational, the system's solar energy provides a significant portion of the company's power needs. This results in a significant monthly savings upwards of $500 per month. At night and during the weekends, the solar panels actually roll the meter back, and sells the excess energy back to FPL, thereby generating revenue for the company that offsets the installation cost for the system and expedites ROI.

In the event of a power outage, the typical Florida sun will give enough solar panel-driven energy to power its critical loads indefinitely. This includes all of the company's computers, servers, lights, security systems, packing stations, product carousels, and the A/C for the server room. Even if the sun "turns off" amid chronic overcast weather, the company can run its business for full 2 days with no sun and no power grid. Additionally, for redundant back up, has installed a 1,000 gallon propane tank that powers a 48kw generator, so even if the company runs out of solar energy and the grid goes down, it can run operations for 6 months to a year depending on A/C usage.

"While under normal conditions we will realize a 5-7 year pay off for the system, in the event of a major hurricane that would otherwise completely shut down our business, payoff would be realized in as little as one day," Holstein says. "And, given the solar panels have a 20 year warranty, we'll get at least 13 solid years of use out of them after we've reached the payoff period. All told, this kind of peace of mind is priceless."

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