June 04, 2009 08:30 ET

Local Car Sharing Service AutoShare to Offset Carbon Footprint of 1,000,000 City Driving Kilometers With Zerofootprint

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - June 4, 2009) - AutoShare announced today that it is launching a program with Zerofootprint to offset its car sharing network's carbon footprint, estimated to offset over 1,000,000 km of city driving in 2009. In their mandate to reduce carbon emissions and pollutions, AutoShare has integrated offsetting as part of their environmental strategy that already includes offering hybrid vehicles and buying electricity from a renewable energy provider.

The program, available to all AutoShare members will allow people who choose to use the convenient service to offset emissions created by their driving for about 1/2 of a cent per kilometer, making their trip carbon neutral. Through similar programs and existing usage data, AutoShare estimates that the total amount of kilometers it will offset will surpass 1,000,000 by the end of 2009.

Offsets will be available to government, business and non-profit clients of AutoShare absolutely free of charge. Kevin McLaughlin, AutoShare's President says, "We wanted to empower our business clients in their efforts to promote sustainable work environments. Partnering up with Zerofootprint on this initiative is an ideal way for us to do that."

"We commend AutoShare for its carbon strategy of first reducing emissions, and then offsetting them," comments Zerofootprint. "AutoShare's action highlights what many companies will be doing in the future - protecting the environment through carbon management."

AutoShare customers agree

Melanie Hare, a Partner at Urban Strategies emphasizes, "Environmentally-responsible planning is not only an important and growing element of Urban Strategies' work, it is also a key element in how we operate. Using AutoShare for business travel is one of the main ways we empower our employees to green their commute to, from and at work. We are delighted that AutoShare is using Zerofootprint to offset carbon for the trips we make. It's a great service."

About AutoShare

Over 10,000 people in Toronto now use AutoShare for work or personal reasons. Members get convenient, 24/7 access to Toronto's greenest fleet of rental vehicles in their neighborhood and over 100 locations across Toronto.

AutoShare is committed to reducing carbon emissions and pollution through efficiency and choice. Their goal is to have a shared-vehicle within a 5 minute walk of anywhere in the city; at every TTC station; and at the end of each street. Car sharing is an essential component of the long-term health of our urban environment-and economy. AutoShare makes that dream a reality, as the first and only locally owned and operated car sharing provider in the city.

About Zerofootprint

Zerofootprint is an organization dedicated to a mass reduction in global environmental impact. We provide software and services to individuals, governments, universities and corporations that measures and manages carbon footprint and engages employees and citizens worldwide in combating climate change.

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