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October 27, 2011 09:00 ET

Local Chiropractor Brings Whole Body Cryotherapy to Boise, Idaho

BOISE, ID--(Marketwire - Oct 27, 2011) - Boise chiropractor, Dr. Jason Watson from Boise chiropractic clinic, Active Health & Wellness, has announced offering whole body Cryotherapy as a new service to the practice. People suffering from pain and/or inflammation can experience significant benefits from this therapy, reports Dr. Watson. The procedure, which involves subjecting the skin to a short burst of super-cold mist, appears to boost immune system action while also providing pain relief by decreasing inflammation. The clinic, Active Health & Wellness, recommends this therapy as a useful way to speed healing from numerous medical conditions and keep healthy patients well.

"Only a few doctors throughout the entire country currently provide whole body Cryotherapy (cryogenic therapy) to their patients and I am excited to be one of them able to provide this incredible service to mine," said Dr. Watson. "The benefits from receiving this type of therapy extend well beyond pain and inflammation into being able to help with conditions such as stress and depression in a natural healing way."

Whole body Cryotherapy occurs inside an enclosed space called a Cryosauna chamber. When patients step into the chamber, their bodies receive two to three minutes of exposure to a fine mist of chilled nitrogen. This limited window of exposure causes the outer skin temperature to drop without causing the internal body temperature to do likewise. The body temperature temporarily rises as the body responds to the sudden reduction in skin temperature by increasing its metabolic rate. This increase in metabolism stimulates the immune system and circulation, enhancing the body's natural healing mechanisms, detoxifying the body, and allowing damaged tissues to rebuild themselves.

According to the clinic's chiropractor, Dr. Watson, whole body Cryotherapy is both effective and quite safe when performed under the watchful eye of an experienced practitioner. "Nitrogen occurs naturally and makes up 80 percent of the air we breathe," notes the chiropractor. "While the temperature of the nitrogen mist is about -250 degrees Fahrenheit, the actual feeling is no more uncomfortable than standing in front of an open freezer door for two or three minutes. It is brisk but not intolerably frigid. Nor does the chilled air make patients more vulnerable to colds, especially since the body reacts with enhanced immune function."

In line with the clinic's holistic treatment approach, Dr. Watson often recommends the therapy in conjunction with other forms of rehabilitation such as massage, exercises, nutrition, and chiropractic adjustments. People experiencing chronic pain, for example, may receive adjustments to correct vertebral misalignments, massage therapy to relax strained muscles, strengthening exercises to make the body less vulnerable to future injury, and nutrition to give the body what it needs to heal. Whole body Cryotherapy works hand-in-hand to support the healing allowed by the other procedures.

The chiropractor points out that whole body Cryotherapy's usefulness is not limited to recovery from back pain or other chronic health problems: "This therapy can support immune system health and tissue repair even in healthy individuals, making it a powerful tool for maintaining good health." Athletes use it as an aid in their physical training and recovery, while non-athletes who work in public places may find it wise to bolster their immune systems with the procedure.

Boise residents interested in whole body cryogenic therapy for treatment of back pain, inflammatory conditions, or other issues can view more information or set up an initial consultation through the clinic's website,

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