January 14, 2013 09:00 ET

Local Element Level Marketing Platform Integrates With Facebook Exchange

Fully Transparent Real Time Bidding Platform Launches More Effective Search Retargeting, Site Retargeting, and CRM Targeting

FORT WORTH, TX--(Marketwire - Jan 14, 2013) -, the Element Level Marketing Platform, is now live and delivering the benefits of unstructured data targeting on the Facebook Exchange (FBX). This integration extends the performance of's keyword level search retargeting, site retargeting, and CRM retargeting offerings to the vast reach of brand safe inventory offered on the Facebook Exchange (FBX).

Unlike first generation real time bidding platforms that require advertisers to target audiences using opaque, rigid audience segments, enables targeting audiences using unstructured, element-level data. Target audiences are built and optimized on the fly, eliminating the time and expense required to build pre-packaged segments. Benefits to advertisers include both superior CPA/CPC/CTR performance, as well as deeper insights into converting audiences.

"We are excited to be live on FBX," stated CRO, James Moore. "The combination of our unstructured data targeting as a corporate services offering, with our 10 billion monthly search queries for search retargeting, and Facebook's high-quality inventory is a great combination for both brand and performance marketers."

In addition to targeting at the element level, brings complete transparency to FBX. does not arbitrage media and data. Instead, clients see actual media, data, and platform costs and performance by site, keyword, exchange, time of day, and other attributes. leverages its element level capabilities across a full suite of targeting options used for both prospecting for new clients and converting existing site visitors. These include:

  • Keyword Level Search Retargeting - Ads are targeted to users that have searched on designated keywords within selected recency windows. Just like with search marketing, bidding, reporting, and optimization are done on the keyword level.'s vast data network, strong match rates, and superior algorithms deliver unrivaled reach and performance.
  • Element Level Site Retargeting -'s smart pixel easily enables advertisers to bid, report, optimize, and customize creative based on individual pages visited on advertisers' sites.
  • CRM Targeting - Enables advertisers to anonymously target customers with online ads based on online and offline CRM data.
  • Search-Alike Targeting - Targets users who have search patterns that are similar to existing site visitors or converters.
  • Keyword Contextual Targeting - Targets ads based on the keywords on the page being targeted. (Not available on FBX).
  • Category Contextual Targeting - Targets ads based on the context of the page being targeted. (Not available on FBX).

About is the Element Level Demand Side Platform (DSP), representing a new class of real time advertising platform that provides more granularity, more transparency, and greater performance than first generation DSPs. The platform is built to bid, report, and optimize against massive amounts of unstructured data, a capability that powers best-in-class search retargeting, highly granular site retargeting, keyword contextual targeting, CRM targeting, our algorithmic optimization, and many other features. By combining the effectiveness of search marketing with the reach and the brand impact of display advertising, we the lives of online advertisers. With a worldwide footprint,, allows marketers to execute campaigns across the purchase funnel through a completely transparent, self-service platform, through our client services team, and/or through our complete set of APIs. To get started, contact us at leads(at)simpli(dot)fi or + 1-800-840-0768. For more information on please contact Katie Grayson, kgrayson(at)simpli(dot)fi.

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