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Infrastructure Canada

January 26, 2015 13:00 ET

Local Road Improvements Completed Across Northwestern Ontario

Projects possible thanks to federal Gas Tax Fund

KENORA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 26, 2015) - Infrastructure Canada

Residents of Northwestern Ontario are benefitting from improvements to their local roads thanks to investments from the federal Gas Tax Fund. In 2014, 113 essential local roads projects in 76 communities were completed, providing a smoother, safer ride to drivers in the Kenora and Thunder Bay areas.

Work included the construction of granular lifts to correct road grades, the usage of asphalt emulsion surface treatments to provide more waterproof and skid-resistant surfaces, and the employment of calcium chloride on freshly gravelled roads to manage dust, and guard against wear and tear. Patching work was also completed on many routes to fill potholes and restore road edges.

In some areas, workers installed ditches to allow for better drainage, culverts to allow for the compressive forces of road traffic, and gabion baskets to stabilize slopes around culverts and guard against erosion. Other road work included installing street, school crossing, speed and vehicle load signs, as well as removing roadside trees and brush to increase driver's visibility and reduce the formation of snow drifts.

Quick Facts

  • In Ontario, federal GTF funding for Unincorporated Areas (areas within Ontario without formal municipal governments), is administered by the provincial government. In co-operation with the Local Roads Boards, the Government of Ontario selects projects for funding in accordance with the priorities and needs of their communities.

  • The Government of Canada contributed $1,947,663 through the federal Gas Tax Fund to 113 local roads projects in Northwestern Ontario.

  • To date, a total of $16,113,428 has been made available to Unincorporated Areas in Northern Ontario through the federal Gas Tax Fund.


"Our Government is pleased to provide small municipalities with flexible infrastructure funding that allows them to support projects that address the needs of their communities. These local road improvements, made possible through the federal Gas Tax Fund, are providing a safer and smoother ride for drivers, as well as protecting the environment by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Looking ahead, our investments through the federal Gas Tax Fund will continue to generate economic growth and job creation across Ontario communities for years to come."

The Honourable Greg Rickford, Minister for the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario, Minister of Natural Resources, and Member of Parliament for Kenora

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The Government of Canada delivers for Northwestern Ontario

$1,947,663 of the Government of Canada's federal Gas Tax Fund contribution to Ontario was directed to supporting the following 113 projects in 2014 across Northwestern Ontario:

Local Roads Board Project Description Total GTF Allocated to Project
Armstrong Culvert installation on Princess, Queen and King Streets $37,000
Aubrey Granular lifts on Griffith Road, Tree Nursery Road, and Wall Street $6,138
Aubrey Ditching Griffith Road from Highway 594 to the C.P. Railway crossing $11,000
Bears Passage Double and single surface treatment on Cheeko Drive $9,680
Bears Passage Culvert replacement on Cheeko Drive and Japada Trail $2,277
Beaver Bay Calcium chloride application on Beaver Bay Road $698
Britton Granular lifts on School Road, Eylofson Road, Franklin Road, Henderson Loop Road, Saunders Road, and McLean Lake Road $28,676
Crescent Point Gravelling on Crescent Point Road $1,996
Dance Granular lift on Dance Hall Road, Dance Loop, Armstrong Road $3,871
Dawson Rd/Goldie Gravel resurfacing on Ellis Road $15,794
Dawson Rd/Goldie Calcium chloride application on Ellis Road, Grand Truck and Finmark Road $25,765
Devon Gravel resurfacing on Road #2 $265
Eton Granular Lifts and crushed gravel. Calcium chloride placed on fresh gravel. Replace culverts at km 3.3 and km 4.2. $59,700
Eton Granular lifts on Griffith Road, Mackie Road, Neely Road, and Salton East Road. Gravel on Parker Road, Pollard Road, Richardson Road, Salton East Road, Stephenson Road, Stenberg Road, Latimer Road, Corner Road, and Griffith Road. $53,000
Forbes Spot gravel, pit run, granular resurfacing, driveway mix $25,000
Forbes Culvert replacements on Centre, Tiito, Jaaska, and Flett Roads $22,247
Ghost Lake Granular lift on Ghost Lake Road $14,144
Gordon Lake Calcium chloride on main road to campsite area $17,172
Gorham Gravel grade raise on Hilldale Road south of Olmala Road $2,001
Hardwick Gravel resurfacing on Arrow Dam Road, McKluskey Road and Cameron Road $27,115
Hicks Lake Calcium chloride on Hicks Lake Road $6,274
Inglis Lake Surface treat approximately 500 meters of main road $9,000
Ingolf Double surface treatment on entire main road $70,870
Inwood Brushing Haukanen Narrows and Pine Point $21,531
Jacques Gravel lift on Tapio Lake Road $35,073
Jacques 1.4 km of double surface treatment on Howcum Lake Road $45,000
Jacques Replace 3 culverts on Tapio Road $10,000
Kabigon Bay Gravel resurfacing on Kabaigon Bay Road $2,597
Kendall Inlet Surface treatment of approximately 550 metres on main and branch roads $21,200
Kingsford Granular lift on Kingsford/Dance, WA Smith, Stone and Cann Roads $18,363
Kingsford Brushing on Cann Road $7,852
Kingsford Culvert replacement at Kingsford/Dance Road, entrance of Cann Road $4,006
Laclu Brush Ostersund and a few side roads $10,835
Lybster Ditching on Old Silver Mountain Road $40,000
Lybster Screened road gravel on Old Silver Mountain Road and Old Mill Road $40,000
Lyon Gravel application on Valley Road East $14,000
Mabella Calcium chloride on Mabella Road $1,565
Marion Lake Calcium chloride on Marion Lake Road $5,218
Marks Ditching on Connelly Road, Cronk Road and Old School Road $33,513
Marks Culvert installation on Cronk Road and Earl Road $15,000
McCallum Point Surface treatment on main road sections $15,980
McIntosh Single surface treatment on McIntosh Road and Canyon Lake Road $37,950
McKenzie Portage Double surface treatment on main and side roads $33,478
Melgund Granular lifts on Tailings from Broda on Melgund 2, Melgund 3 Road and Melgund 8 Road $30,000
Melgund Install gabion baskets at culvert locations km 0.6 and km 0.8 to widen Melgund 4 Road $19,000
Minaki Surface treatment of 300 m on 2 locations in village $9,534
Mine Centre Culvert replacement on Government Road East $552
Miscampbell Granular lift and calcium chloride on Hayes, Best, Kliner, McFee, Frog Creek Roads $19,151
Miscampbell Ditching on Hayes, Best, Kliner and McFee Roads $7,980
Mountain Bay Calcium chloride on Mountain Bay Road $6,270
Munro Point Calcium chloride on Munro Point Road $931
Mutrie Surface treating on Old Main Line Road $46,000
Nelles Granular lift on Johnson, Pope, Jason, Forrester Roads $11,822
Nelles Granular lift on Gouliquer, Lauzon, Forrester, Vargyas Roads $6,188
Nelles Ditching on Vargyas and Nelles Dilke Roads $6,651
Northern Lights Lake Supply load haul and gravel resurfacing on Northern Lights Lake Road $30,000
Northern Lights Lake Calcium chloride on Northern Lights Lake Road $26,587
Obonga Lake Calcium chloride on Obonga Lake Road $19,061
Pellatt #2 Double surface treatment on several main and side roads $69,916
Pickerel Lake Surface treatment on main road $13,922
Pine Ridge Gravel resurfacing on Pine Ridge Road $5,934
Polly Lake Spray injection patcher on Polly Lake Road $3,088
Portage Bay Calcium chloride on Portage Bay Road $4,261
Pratt Granular lift on Blue Road #7, Jack's Road, Pratt Road #2 $8,609
Pratt Ditching on Jack's Road, Storkson Road $7,656
Pratt Culvert replacement on Blue Road #7 $690
Red Pine Ridge Surface treatment at one location on main road $6,673
Redditt Surface treatment at four locations in village $17,479
Reef Point Rocky Islet Road, single surface treatment $7,500
Reef Point Brushing on Reef Point, Hopkins Bay, Bay Road E, Rocky Islet Road $24,556
Reef Point Ditching on Reef Point Road $892
Rossmere Bay Gravel resurfacing on Rossmere Bay $4,036
Rowell Ganular lift on Amesdale Road $26,000
Rowell Replace culverts on Amesdale Road $4,000
Rugby Granular lifts and top coat on Houde Road and Bobie Brook Drive $23,000
Rush Bay Dig outs on main roads $22,978
Savant Lake Patch surface treatment $4,000
Savant Lake School crossings and 20 km/h signs $1,000
Savant Lake Ditching on main roads $6,000
Shebandowan Patch surface treatment $2,925
Shebandowan Calcium chloride on Rudolph Road $544
Sherwood lake Gravelling main road $7,095
Sibley Twin culvert installations on Pass Lake Crossroad (1.4km west of Portage Drive and 2.8km west of Portage Drive) $29,903
Sibley Ronquist and Moonlight Bay (road name signs) $256
Southwatten Rocky Inlet Road - single surface treatment $4,041
Southworth Granular lifts and gravel laying on Melgund Lake Road, Brown Bay Road and Metis Road $42,000
Southworth Replace culvert on Brown Bay Road at Battle Creek $20,000
Spohn Granular lifts on Budreau, Sunset Beach, Fishery, Kreger Roads $15,056
Spohn Culvert replacement on Fishery, Kreger Roads $6,606
Stirling Gravel resurfacing on Black Sturgeon Lake Road $30,000
Stirling Brushing on Stewart Lake Road $3,450
Stirling Culvert installation at two sites along Stewart Lake Road $18,617
Stirling Load restriction signs $220
Stirling Ditching along Stewart Lake Road $2,135
Storm bay Frost heave dig out on main and side roads $8,132
Strange Ditching on North Side Road from bridge $10,000
Sunny Slopes Calcium chloride on Sunnyslopes Road $807
Sutherland Granular lift on Sutherland Roads #2, 3, 4 $8,016
Sutherland Brushing on Sutherland Roads #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Birch Road, Mill Road $13,334
Upsala Various culvert installations $45,545
Van Horne Granular lifts on Wilson Road, Brough Drive, Barrett Road, Hutchison Road, Ross-Lapointe Road and Sfreddo Road $39,000
Van Horne Brushing on Barrett Road $3,000
Wabigoon Redverse West Granular lifts on Upper Falls Road, Leutschaft Road, Quibel Road and Blue Lake Loop Road. $25,000
Wabigoon Redverse West Calcium chloride on Blue Lake Loop Road and Quibel Road to cover fresh gravel $7,500
Wabigoon Southeast Granular lifts on Toews Road and Wood Shed Road $5,000
Wabigoon Southeast Build a turnaround at the end of Wood Shed Road $2,300
Wainwright Granular lifts on Morton Road, Tanner Road, Coates Road and Glengoland Far North Road $39,000
War Eagle Surface treatment on main road section $1,980
Ware Double surface treatment on Silver Falls Road from km 1.6 to km 5.4 $130,042
Zealand # 1 Granular lifts on The Cliff's Road, Main Street and Shady Lane $24,000
Zealand # 1 Single surface treating on last 1.0 km of East Thunder Lake Road $15,000
Zealand # 3 Granular lifts on McArthur Road, Hoey Loop Road, Lyle Road, Pronger Lake Road and Keatley Road $17,500
Zealand # 3 Brushing Ghost Lake Road and Pronger Lake Road $4,900

*Figures rounded to the nearest dollar.

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