SOURCE: Locale Media

June 12, 2008 19:34 ET

Locale Media Launches Local Advertising Network

NEW CANAAN, CT--(Marketwire - June 12, 2008) - Locale Media announced today that it has launched an advertising network focused on serving local advertisers.

Locale Media gives local advertisers access to premium online inventory, targeted by zip code, at prices that most local businesses can afford.

The company developed its model on the belief that online advertising for local advertisers is still too complicated. There are too many variables to manage and monitor on a daily basis to realize the benefits of online advertising. Locale Media brings simplicity to the process.

As a part of simplifying the process, Locale Media brings total price-transparency to local online advertising. Locale Media charges 2 cents per impression across its network; the 2-cent impressions are sold in monthly increments of $250. Locale Media's initial offering is limited to just one ad unit: the 300 x 250. By standardizing the variables of display advertising, Locale Media is able to create an understandable proposition for local advertisers: Zip-code targeted advertising on premium sites.

"We only serve advertising on top-tier media sites with traditional roots in either television, magazine or newspaper publishing, or are otherwise recognized as elite online brands," said Bhu Srinivasan, CEO of Locale Media. "Our model is to pay top dollar for display inventory on leading sites, segment the inventory by zip code, and then sell targeted advertising to local advertisers on a zip-code basis."

Locale Media is positioning itself to compete for the local advertising dollars that currently flow to local magazines and cable television. Local brand-driven advertisers have fueled the growth of local and regional magazines, which has been one of the fastest growing segments across all media. Much of this growth is due to the lack of online options for high-quality, visual advertising on the local level.

Local advertisers have largely been underserved due to the structure of the online advertising marketplace. Large advertising networks and premium sites have minimum monthly commitments that often exceed $10k per month. Conversely, local websites do not have the quality or the traffic to compete effectively for top-tier local advertisers. Due to the lack of quality among local websites and the high cost of direct buys on top-tier sites, local advertisers have not had online advertising opportunities open to them.

"Many local advertisers are used to running local TV ads on national, cable networks and know the nuances of targeting by news, finance, sports, or other lifestyle elements," said Srinivasan. "If we can bring this same logic to online advertising on top online brands, local advertisers will get it. We think zip-code targeted ads, running across the top media sites, is exactly what brand-driven local advertisers are looking for."

The local advertising marketplace has seen numerous innovative companies enter with solutions recently. In cable, Spot Runner has created a seamless way to buy across cable networks. AdReady has a great product for self-service display advertising. ReachLocal is great for search marketing. Locale Media's focus is on full-service solutions for local display advertising.

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