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April 15, 2008 17:57 ET

LocoLabs Introduces Palm-Sized Development Platform for Connected Embedded Products

Off-the-Shelf Modules Leverage Marvell PXA Application Processor, HD Video and Bluetooth/WiFi for Linux-Driven, Media-Rich Consumer and Commercial Devices

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - April 15, 2008) - Embedded designers creating new Internet-connected, media rich systems now have access to a development platform based on leading-edge components from Marvell®, including Marvell's PXA application processor, 1080p HD video processor and single-chip WiFi/Bluetooth processor, with an available software package providing core functionality for browsing, messaging, and Flash Player based on Linux and the Qtopia application framework.

The Calliope Platform from LocoLabs, introduced this week at the Embedded Systems Conference held in San Jose, Calif. (Booth #2301), includes three modules that provide core hardware for fast functionality and co-design of applications by developer teams. Its available software and compact, elegant design make it immediately usable as a demonstrator and rapid prototyping platform incorporating applications and custom features integrated by developers.

Marvell Ecosystem Platform

The core modules of the Calliope Platform were created as a part of the Marvell ecosystem program. LocoLabs now offers the complete platform to developers and, as-needed, access to comprehensive engineering, product design and manufacturing services to speed product time-to-market.

"Locolabs' engineering expertise in delivering Calliope provides an innovative enabling building-block for a wide array of embedded internet devices. The combination of Marvell's application processor, broadband wireless, and video scaling technologies now makes a low-cost internet onramp available to a new generation of ubiquitous consumer electronics," said Jeffrey Krisa, Associate Vice President in the Mobile Cellular Business Group at Marvell.

The current release of the Calliope Platform includes two credit-card sized modules -- the CPU Scaler (CSM) and I/O (IOM) -- that can be packaged in a single rugged OEM enclosure that fits in the palm of your hand. The third, Expansion Module (EXM), is a developer board for prototyping new features. It accommodates both modules and is designed to provide full test and debug support, along with real estate for additional custom logic.

"In more than a decade of custom design work, we've seen how development teams can miss product windows as they invest in re-invention of core functionality at the expense of innovation," said Brad Hoffert, president of LocoLabs. "With the Calliope Platform, embedded designers can focus creative energy and resources on building unique features and applications on a proven OEM platform. The key to program success here is that we provide very flexible, energy-efficient compute and I/O engines with the tools needed to get a finished product from concept, through the fundraising or business commitment demonstrator, and ready-for-production in the shortest possible time. The platform enables offshore production efficiencies with Silicon Valley support and developer IP vaulting -- a key for today's IP sensitive products."

Feature Summary, Platform Pricing

Key features of the Calliope Platform modules include:

--  CPU Scaler Module (CSM): Marvell PXA-310 (624MHz) CPU, Marvell Qdeo
    88DE2710 1080p HD Video Processor, 128MB DDR-DRAM and 256MB NAND FLASH,
    Power Management and pin-outs to IOM and EXM
--  I/O Module (IOM): Marvell 88W8688 Bluetooth/WiFi (802.11 b/g), 1080p
    HDMI/DVI Output, 2 Megapixel Camera, SD/MMC Memory Card Slot (16GB), Three-
    port USB Hub, Consumer IR Receiver, Mic In/Stereo Headphone Out, input for
    5V power supply and optional Lithium Ion battery pack support
--  Expansion Module (EXM): Ethernet, JTAG, Serial, Xilinx CPLD, Status
    LEDs, programmable Pushbuttons, Breakout headers for I2C, SPI, DFI, GPIO,
    and video. Mounting Bay for CSM/IOM board set with or without enclosure.
    Onboard Prototype Area with connectors organized for optional Expansion
    Daughter Cards for small-volume customization and proof-of-concept.
    Optional enclosure for clean demonstration or small-volume delivery
--  Available Linux BSP, sample drivers, sample applications, support for
    JTAG Debugger, gdb source debugger

The Calliope Platform modules are available in several configurations of hardware only, or packaged with a Linux build and optional basic applications (web browsing, Flash Player, Qtopia, etc.). A complete CDK-1 development kit, including all three modules, adapters/cables, and JTAG debugger license and access to Linux Source Binary distribution repository, is $2,495. OEM quantities and pricing for individual or bundled modules is available on request.

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