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Locution Systems, Inc.

June 01, 2015 08:00 ET

Locution Systems Announces "Go-Live" of Its PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System in Fort Smith, Ark.

Locution Systems' PrimeAlert® Station Alerting System to Help Fort Smith, Ark. Fire Department Speed Response Times & Reduce Stress for 911 Dispatchers and First Responders

GOLDEN, CO--(Marketwired - Jun 1, 2015) - Locution Systems, Inc. (, the provider of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System for fire and EMS departments, today announced that PrimeAlert® station alerting has been deployed and has gone live in Fort Smith, Ark.

The Fort Smith, Arkansas Fire Department has 11 fire stations, and chose to install the Internet Protocol (IP) network version of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System as the main communication path for 911 dispatches to travel from the emergency communications center out to Fort Smith fire stations, with the Radio version of PrimeAlert® deployed as a redundant communication path for 911 dispatches to fire stations, as well as to reach fire-EMS responders out in the field. Fort Smith uses the PSSI Computer-Aided Dispatch System.

The Fort Smith Fire Department also has installed station alerting technologies & devices designed to speed response times, reduce stress, and increase safety for first responders in their fire stations, including PrimeAlert® Night Vision Illuminators, ceiling speakers, and zoned station alerting for multi-unit fire stations.

Locution Systems' PrimeAlert® Night Vision Illuminators provide automated wall- and ceiling mounted red lighting that helps first responders safely navigate from their dorm rooms to the apparatus bay when they are dispatched on calls in the middle of the night. The red lighting both provides illumination and preserves first responders' night vision.

Ceiling speakers have been installed in various locations within fire stations to allow Fort Smith firefighters and emergency medical technicians to clearly hear the 911 dispatch information throughout the fire station.

PrimeAlert® zoned alerting technology will route 911 dispatches directly and only to the responding fire-EMS unit in the fire station, allowing first responders not going on the call to sleep through the night. The zoned station alerting technologies are specifically designed to mitigate the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

"Hearing the exact same voice for every call, from shift to shift, reduces the chance of misunderstandings. The human dispatcher is still there to manage the process, but the computerized voice can get rescue personnel headed toward the doors with information about what they'll be facing, even while the dispatcher continues gathering information from the caller," said Fort Smith Fire Department Division Chief Phil Christensen.

"Our PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System has been saving lives and property since 1993," said Glenn Neal, Locution Systems president, founder, and chief technology officer. "The PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System is highly scalable and provides significant operational benefits to fire departments of all sizes. The Fort Smith Fire Department will use PrimeAlert® to achieve faster response times, reduce stress for 911 dispatchers, easily handle higher 911 call volume with the same dispatching staff, and reduce stress and sleep deprivation for firefighters and EMS personnel," said Mr. Neal.

About Locution Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1993, Locution Systems, Inc. offers the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System: a comprehensive and modular suite of station alerting technologies for fire and EMS departments including: Automated Voice Alerting; Fire Station Lighting Systems and Visual Alerting Devices and Displays; Zoned Fire Station Alerting to reduce sleep deprivation for first responders working at multi-unit fire stations; Fire Station Mechanical Control Technologies for automated control of apparatus bay doors, traffic signals, gates, and shut-off of gas stoves at fire stations; and Fire Station Sound Systems. The PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System integrates with standard Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems operating in most 911 communication centers. Locution Systems' fire station alerting system is being used in small, medium, and large cities and counties throughout North America, and it speeds response times to medical emergencies and fires, reduces stress for 911 dispatchers, reduces stress and sleep deprivation for first responders; and reduces 911 call stacking and 911 dispatcher stress during times of high 911 call volume. PrimeAlert® currently is serving and protecting more than 32 million people in communities throughout North America. Locution Systems can be reached at (303) 301-7300, or

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