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Locution Systems, Inc.

February 10, 2011 08:00 ET

Locution Systems, Inc. Announces "Go-Live" of CADVoice® 5.10 Automated 911 Dispatching Software for Seven Installations

Fire/EMS departments for Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; City of Newark, New Jersey; West Metro Fire Protection District of Colorado; Emergency Communications for Southwest British Columbia, Incorporated, (EComm/Vancouver, B.C.); City of Amarillo, Texas; and Town of Palm Beach, Florida Have Gone Live With New 5.10 Version of CADVoice® Automated Dispatching Software

GOLDEN, CO--(Marketwire - February 10, 2011) - Locution Systems, Inc., a provider of advanced, automated public safety dispatching, zoned dispatching, and fire station alerting and control technology, today announced that its new 5.10 version of CADVoice® automated 911 dispatching and fire alerting software has been implemented -- with system go-lives -- in Indianapolis, Indiana; Columbus, Ohio; Newark, New Jersey; the West Metro Fire Protection District in metro Denver, Colorado; Emergency Communications for Southwest British Columbia Incorporated (EComm) in Vancouver, B.C.; City of Amarillo, Texas; and Town of Palm Beach, Florida.

Significant Benefits to Automating the 911 Dispatch Process
The automated dispatching portion of the CADVoice® system separates the act of speaking an initial 911 dispatch related to a fire or medical emergency to the fire or EMS unit designated to respond to the emergency call; instead, the CADVoice® system speaks that initial 911 dispatch in a clear, consistent, accent-neutral, female voice.

Significant benefits, including faster response times and reduced stress for dispatchers, occur as a result of using CADVoice® from Locution Systems.

For example, a review of log files comparing manual vs. automated dispatching has indicated that, in many cases, automated dispatching saves from 20 seconds per call to more than three minutes per call during high call volumes or large-scale emergencies -- which can significantly improve the outcome when someone is having a heart attack, or a building is on fire.

In addition, since 911 dispatching is such a high-stress job, automating the dispatch process can ease the burden on 911 dispatchers who often are looking at two to three different computer screens at once, while they are also talking on the phone with a caller, providing emergency medical information, and talking on tactical channels to emergency responders. Locution Systems' CADVoice® automated dispatching and fire station alerting system also allows 911 dispatchers to easily handle more emergency calls with the same staff, which is important given that many 911 dispatching teams often are forced to operate with one or two less people than desired due to high job turnover rates.

About Locution Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Locution Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive suite of automated dispatching, zoned dispatching for multi-unit fire stations, and fire station alerting and control technologies for public safety applications (fire and EMS). Locution Systems' CADVoice® automated dispatching and alerting products are based on the most advanced public safety technologies on the market today. Locution Systems' products feature software-driven technology that's more cost-effective to maintain than traditional hardware-based systems. The CADVoice® product line integrates with standard Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems operating in most 911 communication centers. Locution Systems' products are being used in many major cities and counties throughout North America, and have been proven to speed response times, as well as reduce 911 "call stacking," stress for dispatchers & responders, and operational costs. Locution can be reached at (303) 932-0014, or

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