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March 01, 2007 09:31 ET

Loftware LPS Leads Industry in New Levels of Scalability and Throughput

New Version 9.1 Fastest, Most Scalable Label Output Management Software Available Worldwide

PORTSMOUTH, NH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 1, 2007 -- Loftware, Inc. today announced its newest release of the proven Loftware's Print Server® (LPS) for all forms of barcode, including smart labels and RFID, has achieved unparalleled throughput and performance.

"Although an incremental release, it was performance oriented as we had two customers who required a benchmark of throughput and this release achieved the required performance on a sub-optimal machine for a specific cross-over implementation scenario," said CEO Eric Anderson. "This far exceeds in performance, control and accuracy anything our competition is able to offer to supply-chain dependent enterprises everywhere."

"We have successfully tested 500 jobs per minute -- that's about 14 labels a second -- to 300 Zebra printers for a continuous 24 hour period at just one location and since then have increased this to a successful test of 800 jobs per minute to those same 300 printers on a minimum configuration system," said Michael Ward, Director of the Professional Services Group at Loftware. "That's over a million labels a day, but customers will get far better performance from server-grade equipment."

"Our products are designed to provide consistent, confirmed and compliant label output on a vast scale, with high volumes to a multitude of networked printers located in a multitude of warehouses around the globe," said Anderson. "Loftware can get even the most demanding of situations up and running and meet high-throughput, scalable and compliant performance demands without the headaches or hiccups of hard-coding, hidden costs or nasty surprises. We are the essential solution for the high-performance enterprise."

"Businesses often think that on-demand, industrial grade thermal printers and even the new smart label and RFID printers are like everyday office printers," said Ward. "They are not at all. They are rugged, sealed, high-speed complex printers which are optimized to run around their own proprietary languages. And, most importantly, you have to scale and the only way to scale to real-world performance requirements is to talk to each and every one of those printers in their own optimized language."

The LPS is designed for driving high-volume, vastly scalable print output management. The software doesn't alter or read the forms it manages; applications provide the LPS with the document to be printed and LPS gets it printed on the appropriate printer wherever that printer is located.

About Loftware

Loftware provides premier identification software to label products and goods manufactured and distributed throughout a company's global supply chain. Loftware's scalable applications operate in conjunction with corporate business Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management (WMS) business systems without expensive and disruptive coding changes.

Loftware solutions support comprehensive barcoding and RFID enabling identification technologies, bringing immediate improvements, enhancements and cost savings to Oracle®, SAP® and other mission critical business applications. Companies around the globe that have made the Loftware investment quickly realize and appreciate the advantages of built-in system agility and flexibility for meeting all compliancy mandates and customer requirements.

Direct factory technical support and consultancy services are available worldwide through its direct and extensive reseller channel. Loftware, Inc. is based in Portsmouth, NH. Learn more about the Company by visiting

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