SOURCE: LoftWerks, Inc.

March 03, 2006 13:49 ET

LoftWerks Announces Merger Initiation With Consultech: Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, LTD. to Be Primary Distributor for Post-Merger Projects

NASHVILLE, TN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 3, 2006 -- LoftWerks, Inc. (OTC: LFWK) today announced that the first phase of its merger with Consultech Construction Management, Inc. has been initiated. Sulja Bros. Building Supplies, LTD., the primary distribution arm of Consultech's midwest operations has begun merger protocols with LFWK. The move solidifies the certainty of Consultech's imminent migration into the LFWK public vehicle. Sulja Brothers will serve as the centralized and primary distributor of materials for all future projects. A twenty-four year old business, Sulja Bros. has achieved steadily increasing revenues since its inception that now average over $30M annually. The company currently has assets totaling more than $25M. It is projected that once Sulja Bros. settles into its new role, revenues could top out at the $200M+ within twenty-four months. The increased inventory alone could place the company's assets at over $125M.

LoftWerks CEO Dennis Ammerman stated that the primary reasons for selecting Sulja Bros. for this position were its lengthy tenure in the industry, and the company's ability to retain its large and loyal customer base at percentages practically unheard of in industries across the board -- particularly in the construction industry where builders and sub-contractors invariably target the lowest prices for materials.

A spokesperson for Consultech Construction Management fully condoned the Sulja migration. Consultech has owned the business for nearly ten years and stated that this particular appointment consolidates the three primary aspects of the industry: materials, design and management.

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