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August 22, 2005 06:41 ET

LoftWerks, Inc. CEO Ammerman Moves Forward on HGTV-Targeted Series: "Loft-Wise" to Shoot Second Pilot

Advertising Revenues Approach $1-3M According to Early Estimates

NASHVILLE, TN -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 22, 2005 -- LoftWerks, Inc. (OTC: LFWK) CEO Dennis Ammerman announced today that he will move ahead with his plans to bring the vision of LoftWerks, Inc. to the broader market of America's television viewers. "Loft-Wise" will begin the production on a second pilot program that will garner slots on networks like HGTV, Discovery, and other cable specialty programs. The show will feature everything from the "before, during, and after" phases of Loft Construction ("Loftable Spaces") to "Urban Issues," to "Lofty Living" ongoing portrait of unique and famous lofts and their often unique and famous owners. Full production leading up to airtime is slated for completion this Spring.

"Things are moving along so well with recent publicity, that all of us feel that the show is simply a continuance of that positive momentum," said Ammerman. "That idea of a natural progression to a larger audience is so very appealing as an owner. The Show becomes less a chore and more like an open microphone to strengthen our position as the leading authority on Urban Living.

Advertising will play a key role in the upcoming success of "Loft-Wise," primarily his own ads, which will feature key spin-offs that Ammerman has a headstart in developing, such as a furniture line that is designed for lofts and the often taller spaces they occupy. Other manufacturers and urban-service businesses will vie for the remaining ad-spaces on the show. Look for Ammerman to showcase his online and catalog merchandise sales as well. "When I said $150 million in 2006 I meant it," Ammerman touted. "I can't even begin to slow down the process of conceiving ancillary opportunities as we roll out this red carpet back to the inner city. We are so fortunate to be where we are. We will not waste a single opportunity ...not TV...not Print, not the nearest soapbox!"

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