SOURCE: Breakout Worldwide Entertainment

August 27, 2007 10:00 ET

Lola Is LaBelle of the Ball

Introducing Breakout Entertainment's Burlesque Queen, Lola LaBelle

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - August 27, 2007) - Breakout Entertainment is delighted to announce its partnership with formidable burlesque queen, Lola LaBelle, for their pilot L'Originale Burlesque, and the upcoming release of the soundtrack by the same name. L'Originale Burlesque is set to become a new series featuring Lola LaBelle, a throwback to a more voluptuous and romantic era.

True royalty in the world of burlesque, LaBelle carries an old world grace commingled with a new world raciness that is truly difficult to describe. One has merely to experience first hand the art of the strip itself to truly appreciate it.

Intelligent, sophisticated, well traveled and well educated, the spunky-as-she-is-smart young Lola LaBelle is a living dichotomy. In the words of Breakout's CEO Sherri Strain, "We were looking to partner with a burlesque queen who embodied the neo-burlesque movement as we saw it -- real women with confidence, style, and grace." One can place her in neither time nor place, and yet her presence is enduring to say the least. Imagine a sassier, classier real life pinup, and you may begin to clutch (gently) the magnitude of Labelle's immense talent. L'Originale Burlesque, and their partnership with Lola LaBelle in particular, is just another shimmering example of Breakout's bold and brilliant moves, rivaled only by the burlesque master herself.

Breakout Entertainment was started in January 2007 by Sherri Strain, who most recently was a partner in The Asylum. Breakout sets out to be a fully integrated and synchronistic entertainment company, with divisions devoted to film, television, music, apparel and events, all working together to entertain their audience. Along with head of development Christina Rosenberg, Breakout Entertainment is working to discover and encourage new talent: any artist pushing boundaries, making waves, and BREAKING OUT! For more on Breakout's latest, check out

One never knows what they will come up with, or come OFF with next!

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