September 21, 2015 07:00 ET

Lomics Announces 'Your Life in Comics' Mobile Application for iPhone

San Diego-based startup creates new format for visual storytelling: Between picture and video

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - September 21, 2015) - September 21, 2015 - Lomics announced today live version of its mobile phone camera app by the same name that lets users create and share visual stories in comics format. Lomics app is available in the App Store immediately.

To begin sharing, users can shoot a video around them and comment on it; the application will find the most interesting moments and frames automatically and combine them into live comics. Users can then add unique styles, colors and effects after or during light editing and share their comic-like stories with the rest of the world.

Unlike other camera apps, Lomics implements a concept of "smart camera" by using several computer vision and sensor processing technologies. It is available for download here:

"Our mission is to make everyday storytelling and sharing of experiences easy and more dynamic, while introducing a new format. We designed a colorful, slightly cartoonish and playful design so that any user could find something that can represent them and their style. We also developed an intuitive interface that allows users create and share their live comics on the go and in seconds," noted Artur Lomics Man, co-founder of Lomics. "The app takes users through a simple process: Record, select comics style, get Lomics and share it."

"Lomics was born when we realized that two formats for telling visual stories on social media were simply not enough. It is often difficult to tell a story with a single picture, while shooting, editing and even watching a video takes a long time. Lomics offers people who love sharing their life experiences yet another fun way of doing so while honing their creative skills," said Vadim Asadov, co-founder of Lomics and angel investor from NeurOK LLC. "Behind the fun Lomics are sophisticated algorithms that choose the most interesting frames from the input video stream, recognize speech and environment and create a stylish comics that come complete with speech bubbles and comics effects. We were also lucky to recognize that live comics can be an ideal digital format for content marketing, mobile performance advertising and creating brand awareness."

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The Android version of Lomics is set to go live in fall of 2015.

About Lomics LLC
Lomics LLC ( was established in January 2015 in San Diego by two entrepreneurs and funded by Neurok LLC angel group ( Company has offices in San Diego and Los Angeles. Lomics is a smart camera mobile app and sharing service for storytelling in comic format. Unlike many other apps, Lomics uses latest mobile technologies and data algorithms that combine all components of a story: visual, sound, emotions and environment to share 'your life in comics'. Application is available for downloading in AppStore since August 2015.

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