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July 25, 2012 06:58 ET

London 2012 Olympics: Social Media Users Reveal Their Knowledge of the Games

Market Research Company Lab42 Checks Our Olympic Pulse

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - Jul 25, 2012) - Do you know where the 2012 Olympics are taking place? Or are you among the 16% who still don't know the Summer Games will be held in London?

With the 2012 Olympiad set to begin on Friday, market research company Lab42 got into the spirit of the games by surveying 500 social media users on everything Olympic, from asking "Who is Michael Phelps?" to "What is the Olympic motto?"

The results reveal America's growing love affair with the games and just how savvy they are when it comes to Olympic trivia. Consider this: 56% of those surveyed knew that the color orange was not part of the Olympic rings, and 30% knew that "Olympiad" meant a four-year period.

"We are always intrigued by what people know when it comes to timely, relevant topics," said Lab42 CEO Gauri Sharma. "And the Olympics certainly fit the bill."

The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics were viewed by more Americans than any event in U.S. television history, and the London Olympics, which begin July 27, are expected to surpass that number.

Perhaps that explains why nearly 90 percent of those surveyed by Lab42 said they are more likely to watch the Olympics than a presidential debate. But when Lab42 asked, "What are you more excited about in 2012: the Olympic Games or Hunger Games?", 58% of 13- to 17-year-olds said The Hunger Games.

"Surveys are a great tool for marketers who want to prioritize their advertising campaigns or gauge how current marketing efforts are performing," Sharma said, noting that 77% of those surveyed knew that Phelps was a spokesperson for Subway. "Whether it's on a small or large scale, it's always good to check the pulse of the audience you're trying to reach," Sharma said.

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