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July 15, 2005 14:53 ET

London Bombings

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(CCNMatthews - July 15, 2005) -

BOBBY AYYB SYED Founder of the EMMA Awards speaks as a British Muslim on his feelings of anguish on 7 July 2005 bombings in London:

Bobby Ayyub Syed says:

"Tragically young British Muslims do not have 21st Century role models to look up to, which explains why a minority of radical thinking young Muslims are being hijacked and groomed by extremists who masquerade behind a religion for political ends.

What the London bombings has exposed cannot be simply explained away in terms of identity or race, it goes far deeper- faced with a consistent lack of Muslim leadership and understanding that you can be both British and Muslim simultaneously. This has left some young British born Muslims more alienated and more vulnerable to fanatical beliefs that reflect a type of romantic notion of martyrdom in the name of Islam."

Bobby Ayyub Syed in response to MCB's reaction to the London bombings says:

"I agree with Sir Iqbal Sacronie, MCB Secretary General, in his reaction to last week 'Nothing in Islam can ever justify the evil actions of the bombers.' However someone must take accountability and in my humble opinion the self-elected Muslim leadership has failed the community at large. Someone must resign? Someone from the Muslim Council should have been more pro-active in preventing this happening in the first place. Initiatives should have long been in place to stem the growth of disenfranchise Muslim youth. What is needed is an appreciation of British Muslim role models who have been neglected to promote the integration of western youth culture in harmony with Islamic teachings."

"When one considers that MCB is an organisation that is not a theological arbitrator or cannot claim to represent the entire Muslim community at large in Britain, who I would like to emphasis live a life based on their own individual spiritual understanding of Islam as a religion, that is fundamentally rooted in tolerance, peace and love for humanity. As adeptly summed up in Shaykh Abdul-Qayyum, Imam of East London Mosque:

"Islam is for saving life. Allah says in the Qur'an he who saved one life should be regarded as though he had saved the lives of all.' So if you ask me who carried out last weeks bombings then I would say terrorists and not mis-guided Muslims- there was nothing Muslim about bombing and killing innocent lives- there is no honour and no salvation in such action that goes against the grain of what is righteous and holy in any creed or culture."



Bobby Ayyub Syed is a graduate of Bsc (Hons) Social Science, BA (Hons) International Relations (Peace & Conflict Studies) and MA in Area Studies/South Asian Politics (University of London). Following graduation he worked as a Diplomatic Marketing Consultant as SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies) and set up a training course for Diplomats. He was responsible for marketing and promotion as well as lecturing, research and diplomatic liaison. He was recruited by The Rowland Company (Saatchi & Saatchi PR) as a Corporate and Government PR Consultant. He worked on a number of cross-cultural campaigns, in particular the company's account with the Pakistan Investment Board.

Bobby set up Hearsay Communications in 1994 to meet a specific need in the market place. Both his academic training and experience in international communications consultancy led him to believe that there was a definite need in the market place for specialists who were able to develop campaigns which crossed cultural lines.

Hearsay Communications is a full service PR/Marketing agency who specialise in the UK ethnic market and emerging market sector. Area of operations are: public and media relations, market research, exhibitions, sponsorship, press conferences and briefing, corporate literature, special event organisers and corporate identity.


In 1997 Bobby went on to set up EMMA. The Emma Awards (Ethnic Multicultural Media Academy) organisation followed in 1998. Multicultural Media Awards, organised at the Grosvenor House Hotel every May broadcast on the BBC. Emma has launched their own multicultural website www.emma.tv to promote and celebrate our multicultural British society.

Emma's success has expanded towards honouring true multicultural icon's that have symbolised our common humanity, regardless of race, creed or colour even including one's religious/spiritual beliefs. With many icons like Muhammed Ali, Nelson Mandela, Lord Richard Attenborough, Maya Angelou, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Sir Bill Morris for EMMA Lifetime Achievement and Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther King and recently Bruce Lee for the legacy award with each of their close family members attending to accept this honour.

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