UNIK Corporation

March 07, 2011 06:30 ET

London Fashion Week Provides a Window of Opportunity for New Brands Promoted by the UNIK Corporation

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - March 7, 2011) - London fashion week inspires trendy London marketing company, UNIK Corporation to use the opportunity to promote new brands. As Europe gathers in London to celebrate the coming year of fashion in 'the big smoke' it becomes clear that popular European fashion brands will bring creativity to the table in order to beat their competition. London's marketing companies will also use their creative flair to promote their own clients at the international event. UNIK Corporation will take full advantage of the trendy onlookers by using the popular week to promote their designer brands.

The London based company flourishes in such times as they work with sought after top brand clients that specialise in fashionable cosmetics and hair. Trendsetter David Francis said, 'Style and clothing go hand in hand in hand with hair and beauty.'

The worlds trend setters and followers will travel from all over the world just for this coming week. Celebrity faces will grace London, with hopeful paparazzi close by. Marketing companies such as UNIK Corporation, supporting clients with up-coming status and fashion appeal will flock to the popular venues where crowd filled events are held.

London stylist Carla Wakeham said, 'I visit the fashion week every year to spot new brands on the market and to plan styles for the coming seasons.' Marketing specialist Nia Ross said,' it would be crazy for any company trying to promote new brands to not take full advantage of the opportunity to visit the event due to the massive numbers of visitors it usually attracts.' 

UNIK Corporation will fill London town with advisors carrying products and flyers promoting their brands. The advisors will be clued up with relevant product knowledge and customer service in order to provide a positive representation of the client. UNIK will ensure that they maximise the potential publicity that they can gain from the relevant event by working overtime for this week and making full use of all the representatives they have working with them, whilst carrying well thought out game plans to cover the event. Marketing companies such as UNIK Corporation are so successful with providing results for their clients as they are always aware of popular events and shows happening in the UK. They know these events attract the right customers for their clients. It also boils down to the fact that these events attract mass crowds, providing a large audience for their publicity attempts.

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