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April 01, 2011 05:59 ET

London Green Marketing Ltd. Investigates Why a Good Recipe Won't Do and Image Falls Short

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - April 1, 2011) - A recent study by OnePoll and PRWeek revealed Gordon Ramsay as the celebrity chef with the worst public image, while UK competitor Jamie Oliver took the lead by 64 per cent. Despite 43 per cent claiming Ramsay to run better restaurants and making the best TV programs; Mr. Ramsey still fell short in the survey. London based Events, Promotions and Marketing firm London Green Marketing explains how the chef considered to be less likely to run the best restaurant still maintains the better image.

Managing Director of London Green Marketing Samuel Green commented saying "This is a good example of how excelling in your industry just won't do it". As research further states, Jamie Oliver has led several campaigns against Britain's increasing obesity problems and been one of the pioneers in changing the food industry. The recent focus on the consumption of fish, seafood and chicken has gained Oliver a top spot as the most powerful and influential person in the UK hospitality industry.

Mr. Green continued saying "Trying to change social behavior for a specific cause is an excellent way for any brand, business or company to put their stamp on current affairs. In contrast to Ramsay, Jamie Oliver has built an impressive image around himself due to his engagement in social responsibility which has taken his work beyond the kitchen. I would advise any company to get more involved, not only to improve its corporate reputation but to support a good cause. Society has made business ethics increasingly important and made the public more prepared than ever to hold corporations accountable for their actions". 

It's evident that times have changed; a strong brand image is now one of the key elements of any business model to succeed. Due to increased transparency and prominence of the Internet, brand reputation has stretched from being public statements to becoming consumers' means of personal identification.

Samuel Green further points out that it's crucial for modern marketing strategies to take account of the changing nature of 'brand image'. "Companies need to take a holistic view of how they operate; regardless of size they must have an identity. Everything we do at London Green Marketing is a systematic approach; our distinction is supported by every aspect within our company. Always think of your brand as the DNA that runs throughout the entire organisation, it can make an enormous difference to your brand equity and deeply influence the perception of your business".

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