SOURCE: Firth Veterinary Hospital

February 19, 2012 10:00 ET

London, Ontario Veterinarian Provides Pet Surgery Services

LONDON, ON--(Marketwire - Feb 19, 2012) - Dr. Peter Firth, owner and veterinarian at Firth Veterinary Hospital in London, ON since 1973, performs several types of simple and complex pet surgery procedures. In addition to spay and neuter surgeries, dental surgery, and declawing services, the doctor handles many complex procedures such as cruciate repair, biopsies, bladder stone removal and even eye-removal surgeries. Dr. Firth and his staff also provide scheduled surgeries for pets such as rabbits, birds, gerbils, guinea pigs and other types of pocket pets.

According to Dr. Firth, being able to handle a wide range of surgeries at his animal hospital in London, ON removes some of the stress during difficult situations for his patients and their families. "When a family finds out their pet needs a surgical procedure, they are filled with worry. We alleviate the worry because we normally don't have to send our patients out to different doctors for pet surgery; they can stay right here in our animal hospital where they know us and we know them." Firth says that the only time one of their patients may have to visit another surgeon is during an off-hours emergency. In such cases, Dr. Firth and his staff stay in touch with the emergency clinic staff to ensure the doctors there are aware of a pet's medical history.

Dr. Firth says that he spends several hours a week in studying the latest veterinary surgery advances for a number of procedures. He explains that even routine spaying and neutering surgeries have experienced many advances over the years to reduce complications and accelerate healing times. As a veterinarian, Firth says that he is always looking for ways to make the surgical process easier on pets, whether the operation is a cat declawing procedure, a dental surgery or something as complex as repairing a dog's damaged cruciate ligament.

Dr. Firth adds that they also handle enucleation or eye removal surgeries. Firth explains that many injured eyes can be saved with prompt attention at the animal hospital and vigilance from the family to protect the eye from scratching and infection. Sometimes an eye is so damaged, however, that it needs to be carefully removed to prevent complications. In that case, Dr. Firth removes the damaged eye and sews the eyelids shut to keep the socket from becoming infected.

Dr. Firth says that they also provide MLS laser therapy after surgeries to help accelerate healing times and reduce inflammation and other complications that a build-up of scar tissue can cause later. "The advances in veterinary medicine over the past few years have been incredible. The fact that we can provide laser therapy to help pets heal faster is amazing for our patients and their families because it means they can feel better much faster and get back to having fun quite a bit sooner than in earlier years. That makes all of us happy." For more information, visit the doctor's website at:

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