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True Pheromones

December 03, 2010 17:34 ET

Looking for Pheromones? You've Found the Best Pheromones by

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 3, 2010) - Launching - the secret weapon of attraction Our site offers an array of colognes and associated products, infused with male and female pheromones. For years True Pheromones has made a difference in the way men and women around the world get their desired girl or guy. 

You don't have to be born with good looks to be popular…. sometimes a little charm can go a long way. But there's a secret weapon that those charming people aren't telling you about – one that can double your appeal to the opposite sex almost instantly, no gym membership required. It's based on the natural science of sexual attraction and it's proven to enhance your love life. That secret weapon is pheromones.

Human pheromones are chemicals secreted in sweat and other bodily fluids that directly affect the behavior of people around you – especially the opposite sex. They are nature's aphrodisiac and, when applied topically, they can greatly improve your game, your relationships and your life.

Reap the benefits of:

♦ Increased frequency of dates
♦ Increased frequency of affectionate gestures
♦ Increased frequency of sleeping next to a romantic partner
♦ Increased frequency of foreplay
♦ Increased frequency of sexual intercourse

True Pheromones™ is a name you can trust and has been for years. Our lab-certified pheromones are synthesized with the utmost quality assurance in our North American lab. With True Pheromones you get the reassurance of knowing your dealing with a true and reputable company. We have been in the business for years and unconditionally stand behind the quality of our pheromone products. 

True Pheromones™ provides you with on-site representatives ready to answer any and all questions you may have about our products and how they will work best for you. Contact us on the phone or use our Live Chat system that you can access right on the website. provides you with readily available - try finding contact information (phone, email or street address) on other less reputable websites - you won't!

You can place your order safely and securely online. All major credit cards are accepted. All credit card payments made through our website are processed safely and securely through our encrypted shopping cart software. The website is the only pheromone website that has met the security requirements for both Verisign® and Comodo HackerProof® by submitting to and passing daily scheduled vulnerability scans.

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Try any of products Risk Free. If you are not completely satisfied you can return your products for a No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. 

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