Cannonball World Events

Cannonball World Events

July 19, 2011 08:15 ET

Lord Sugar's CEO and 'Apprentice Interrogator' to Join Cannonball Run Rat Race

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwire - July 19, 2011) - On September 3rd 2011 at 8am, New York City will brace itself for an automotive onslaught as the Cannonball Run Rat Race roars away from the chequered flag at the Red Ball Garage on 142 East 31st Street Manhattan.

History is about to be re-enacted as this new event mirrors the same start point as the original Cannonball Run back in 1971. Then it was for the sheer undiluted pleasure of ripping across the USA, chasing nothing more than an adrenalin-filled dream. This time it's all of that and more. A lot more. It's for cash.

This new event is where The Cannonball Run collides head on with Raiders of the Lost Ark in a madcap race to win a briefcase crammed with $25,000, which is hidden in a secret location. No engraved cups, no speeches, no pat on the back… just good old dollars. A LOT OF DOLLARS!

The event is now being joined by Lord Sugar's CEO and 'interrogator' from the hugely popular TV show 'The Apprentice'- Bordan Tkachuk. Known for his many appearances on The Apprentice, Bordan is notorious for his formidable style of interrogation and is equally famous for 'taking no prisoners'. He confirmed today that he was fully on board for the Cannonball experience. Bordan Tkachuk said, 'I'm all hyped up and raring to be part of the spirit of the original Cannonball Run. It's something special. I'm really relishing the chance to be a 'Cannonball Rat'. Not that it's all about winning of course. Taking part is important. However, as I once said coming second is the first of the losers and failure gentleman is not an option'.

The drivers' task is to crack the codes given out at each morning's checkpoints to obtain six numbers. These six magical numbers will reveal the combination to the lock on the briefcase that contains the cash.

Cannonball Run Rat Race boss Tim Porter commented, 'our new event is more in line with modern legalities, such as not speeding, or should I say not getting caught speeding. In reality though, it's also about brains over driving brawn. And it's great to have Bordan Tkachuk join us for what will be a momentous full-on experience for all involved'.

The 'Cannonball Rats' will also need to be 'gung ho' enough to survive the barrage of infamous full-on Cannonball parties which make Porters' events so alluring. It's all about reaching out with their ability to 'get down and wild' with the other competitors. Each night will see the 'Cannonball Rats' stay at a fabulous top-end luxury hotel.

And as part of a dazzling finale there's also a butt-clinching track day at Willow Springs Racetrack to be enjoyed, where the competitors can really let their hair down and collect their final clue before the ulitmate180 mile dash to the cash.

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