SOURCE: Victor Goth, LLC

June 09, 2006 12:21 ET

Lorne Caplan Presenting Developments in Human Pheromone Science and Delivery Systems at the Exotic Erotic Ball in New York From June 16-17, 2006

STAMFORD, CT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 9, 2006 -- Master & Mistress, the Gothic Romance and Passion Company whose products include male and female human pheromone infused fragrances, Pheromone Lip Slicks and pheromone infused massage lubricants will be presenting Lorne Caplan, whose experience in product formulation, skin care compounds and the anti-aging industry is well suited to update, educate and motivate the Exotic Erotic Ball attendees to explore the options available in Human Pheromone science.

Research on human pheromones and human physiology of sexuality has accelerated since the discovery of the vomeronasal organ (VNO) in humans some 10 years ago. While experts are still divided on whether the VNO actually serves a function similar to olfaction and the "sexual neural pathways" in humans, there is no question that pheromones and other fragrances do combine to affect the psychology of sex. Lorne Caplan will explore the more well known pheromone/steroids such as Androstenone, Androstenol and Androstenediol along with relatively new pheromones such as Copulin, Vomeropherin, Estratetraniol, TRP2, V1R/V2R, female Alipathic Acids and Axillary Secretions. Mr. Caplan will put to rest the sexual myths of pheromones, while enlightening the attendees on how pheromones work, what they do to the wearer, "targeted" individual and developments to look for over the next five years in pheromone science.

The pheromone presentation will take place just before performer Thomas Dolby will be playing his standout hit "Blinded Me With Science" at the Exotic Erotic Ball (EEB). Additional information can be obtained from the web-site The EEB is held annually in San Francisco and is appearing in New York at Pier 94 from June 16-17, 2006 for the first time. The EEB has been referred to in the past as "the world's wildest, sexiest party" by E! Entertainment TV.

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