May 11, 2011 12:52 ET

Losing Track of Parasitic Electrical Items is Responsible for Premature Boat Battery Failure, Says CTEK

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 11, 2011) - An increasing number of boat enthusiasts are experiencing flat batteries due to the amplified rate of discharge through increased onboard parasitic loads - a problem, manufacturer of smart Battery Chargers, CTEK, says is easily avoided.

With ample access to electricity supplies on modern boats it's easy to keeping bring new electrical items on board to increase the pleasure sailing. But, the TV, dvd player, phone charger, freeview box and laptop, for example, all need to draw power from the leisure battery to operate and losing sight of this and the state of the battery could easily ruin a trip or holiday.

Consequently, enthusiasts need to keep abreast of the condition of the battery and incorporate Battery Charging into the list of 'must do's' or risk facing battery failure. The CTEK range of marine smart battery chargers offer a simple solution to this increasingly common problem.

When in dock, CTEK's mains powered chargers, the M45, M100, M200 and M300, can be left attached to the battery indefinitely; once the charging process is complete, the charger automatically stops and thereafter continuously analyses the voltage level of the battery, topping up levels when needed. This means that overcharging is avoided and that the battery is charged to its maximum potential and ready for use at any point subsequently.

However, CTEK's onboard charger, the D250S, charges a battery whilst the boat is on the move or the engine is turned on.

The D250S is a 12V Battery Charger that provides a six step charging curve to condition, charge and maintain the leisure battery, increasing performance, extending its life span and, saving the user money on unnecessary battery replacement. The D250S is in constant communication with both the alternator and the leisure battery. Recognising when the alternator is powered, the D250S switches itself on, reads the condition of the leisure battery and begins its charging cycle. The unit switches itself off once the engine is stopped and the alternator shuts down.

As a result of CTEK's innovative marine chargers, the expense and inconvenience of battery failure is easier to avoid than many may consider.

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