July 18, 2012 06:00 ET

LouisValentine ( Launches: Expert Ratings of Jewelry & Watch Brands

LAGUNA BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2012) - LouisValentine ( launched July 9, 2012 to provide expert ratings and reviews of famous jewelry and watch brands to the public. brings unbiased numerical scores and detailed evaluations by jewelry and watch appraisers to the average customer.

Brides and retailers can use LouisValentine's scores of jewelry brands, popular jewelry lines and specific jewelry pieces to determine the quality of their jewelry either before or after they buy it. Highly respected licensed jewelry appraisers gemologists with years of training and expertise produce these scores and they are currently completely free.

The website is named after Louis Valentine, a seasoned professional in the Jewelry and Diamond industry. Louis's mission is a simple one: "LouisValentine was created to bring transparency to jewelry buying. Beyond the grading of diamonds and certain gemstones there has never been a way for the average buyer to know the quality of the jewelry they are purchasing. When you buy a car, stocks or a refrigerator you can read unbiased reviews by qualified professionals. We think the same thing should be available when you buy expensive jewelry or a valuable timepiece."

LouisValentine membership is currently free for registered users. Consumers and retailers alike can use the website's extensive search engine and database to access reviews of their favorite brands and jewelry manufacturers. The website also offers consumers the opportunity to include reviews of their own jewelry and watches for free. With the user's consent LouisValentine then forwards consumer reviews directly to manufacturers. comes at an interesting time in the history of the jewelry industry. With places like Blue Nile and Costco taking considerable market share by selling no-name jewelry and watches it is important for retailers and consumers alike to become educated about what makes an excellent piece of jewelry and why it often pays to buy a brand vs. a generic piece for beauty, longevity, durability and value.


Louis Valentine, the founder of the company, has more than a decade of B2B experience in jewelry. Co-founder of both (2010) and (in business since 1999), Mr. Valentine also invented both the Daily Diamond Report and patent-pending Diamatch Networks. is the online rebranding of, JAWSS, LLC.

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