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February 01, 2012 10:00 ET

Louisville Chiropractor Announces New Website

LOUISVILLE, KY--(Marketwire - Feb 1, 2012) - Skye Chiropractic has announced the launch of a new website to better serve patients. The wellness center's website was redesigned to include new features that enhance patient communication and educational outreach. These features include the Community Content wellness center, the 3D Spine Simulator, an e-newsletter and blog. The practice focuses on neck and back pain management and patient wellness, providing spinal adjustments, massage therapy, nutrition counseling and corrective exercises.

Louisville chiropractor Dr. Renee Tornatore announced that her practice, Skye Chiropractic, has launched a new website, The site is designed to engage patient communications and expand access to educational resources.

"After careful consideration, the Skye wellness team is excited to announce the launch of our practice's new website," said Dr. Tornatore. "We've added wonderful new resources, including our 'Community Content' wellness library. One of our goals is for the website to help individuals understand exactly how chiropractic care can help them recover from a personal injury and safely manage back or neck pain."

The 'Community Content' library explains the science behind spinal adjustments, helping individuals better understand the underlying cause for their back and neck pain. Articles focus on the difference between wellness and medical care, debunk common myths about treatment, and explain how adjustments can help everything from low back pain to headaches.

"As a Louisville chiropractor, I see patients every day who are struggling with back pain, neck pain, migraines and other chronic pain," said Dr. Tornatore. "Sadly, many of these patients had given up hope on ever living an active life. Chiropractic care truly makes a difference, helping patients manage pain without depending on prescription painkillers or other invasive treatments. We hope the free educational resources on the website will help patients learn they can get healthy."

The website also features a 3D Spine Simulator, an interactive educational tool that shows patients exactly how a misalignment in the spine can affect the entire body. For example, individuals can see how a herniated disc can compress nearby nerves, such as the sciatic nerve. The Spine Simulator shows how this disc can lead to radiating pain in the legs, buttocks and low back, a condition commonly known as sciatica.

"When patients understand the cause of their pain, it's much easier to also understand how spinal adjustments are essential to successful pain management," said Dr. Tornatore. "Medication can provide relief, but as the 3D Simulator shows, unless the root cause of the pain is corrected, patients will continue to suffer."

The new website also features a blog with regular postings from Dr. Tornatore. These posts are designed to help patients embrace the practice's "whole body" approach to wellness, and include tips for nutrition, avoiding future injuries, and safely exercising.

"The chiropractor blog and our new e-newsletter reflect our belief in holistic health," said Dr. Tornatore. "Wellness is more than just pain management -- it's about living life to the fullest, and we hope our website will empower individuals to do just that."

Individuals who sign up for the bi-weekly e-newsletter will also receive access to exclusive website content in the "Members Wellness" library.

Prospective patients can also use the website's appointment request form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tornatore. For more information regarding the practice, please visit

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