October 11, 2012 10:17 ET

LoveGov Launched With Goal of Transforming Political Process

Personalizing Politics to Increase Voter Engagement

PROVIDENCE, RI--(Marketwire - October 11, 2012) -  LoveGov today unveiled a non-partisan platform and networking site designed to make it easy for people to get involved and stay informed in local and national politics, enabling members to connect and engage as 2012 election activity accelerates. The site aggregates and personalizes political tools and information in one social interface. LoveGov's foundation is built on a matching mechanism that enables users to customize content and compare themselves to any person or group of people. The average LoveGov user has answered 20 questions allowing for real connections across the spectrum of political beliefs rather than the simple silos of left, right, or center.

"The best, most effective governments have active and informed citizens," said Founder and CEO Joschka Tryba, "With LoveGov, we have created a place where citizens are directly connected to their local, state and federal political processes. Politicians, organizations, and constituents views are measured and accessible, enabling voters to have their voices heard and hold their representatives accountable. We want people to think of LoveGov as a tool to facilitate democracy."

LoveGov has a revolutionary take on digital politics. Unlike all other political websites that provide a specific service or type of information, LoveGov is aggregating and crowd sourcing tools and information. Their take on matching is also unique. By beginning with a poll based on legislation, members are able to identify and prioritize what issues are most critical to them. As users navigate the site, they can instantly see how they relate to any other person or organization, by topic, without having to read any value statements. Users know the match is reliable because they have weighted their own responses to questions. In addition to personalizing their experience, these questions serve as a measurable way for users to express their views and have them heard. If there isn't a question for it, users can create and share it with the relevant group of people.

Upon joining, users automatically get connected to their city group, state group, affiliated parties, like-minded members, and the elections they will be voting in. After connecting, members can poll their community, share relevant news, discuss issues, sign petitions, create scorecards, browse legislation and send messages to their representatives. All of these tools are smoothly integrated and can be useful to any group of people: a small town, state, student group, or national organizations.

LoveGov will maintain an early focus in the Northeast, and in particular the hotly contested Massachusetts senate race between incumbent Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren. Following the November election LoveGov will expand with plans to expand nationally. By focusing on local governments, interest groups and student groups, LoveGov hopes to coordinate their interests and efforts, enabling them to have their voices heard in the legislative debates during the upcoming lame duck session and the elected president's first 100 days. 

About LoveGov:
LoveGov is a nonpartisan political platform that aggregates and personalizes political tools and information. Check us out and spread the word: Twitter @welovegov and Facebook.

Founder and CEO Joschka Tryba is a recent graduate of Brown University who conceived of LoveGov in early 2011 when the Arab Spring was in full force. He joined up with Co-founder and fellow Brown student Max Fowler during the Occupy Movement and they began building the site. RISD student Catherine Schmidt joined the team in early 2012. As they built and tested their private alpha over the spring seven more people joined the team and they raised just over $100,000 from private investors.

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