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September 10, 2013 14:00 ET

Low Budget & Stylish Decorating Tricks for Small Spaces Under 1000 Feet

200 Ways to Decorate Without Spending a Lot of Money

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Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces

200 stylish ways to decorate without spending a lot of money

Houses & Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet

A showcase of the best in contemporary compact residential architecture.

Firefly Books has two new photo-filled books for those short on room. Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces (Firefly Books, September 2013, $29.95 hardcover) and Houses & Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet (Firefly Books, September 2013, $29.95 hardcover) are goldmines of inspiration on how to make a small space functional, stylish and personal. Both are packed with gorgeous, inspirational photographs and practical real-life ideas.

Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces demonstrates that minimalism and an unrestricted budget are not the only answers. With ingenuity, creativity, and a few proven tricks, one can decorate "on the "cheap" and create first-class results.

Mirrors enlarge space for big impact. Plywood, gloss paint and metal door hardware create chic cupboards. Sealed particleboard or polished concrete are hard-wearing materials for floors and stairs. Multiple wall art, oversized furniture, monochromatics and pops of brilliant colors work magic when used judiciously. A variety of levels in one room, as simple as a bed platform or an overhead bookshelf, can increase livable space and are easily built with cheap lumber.

A small space offers greater challenges and, in the case of a one-room apartment or studio, it is essential that the design address the entire living space. Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces guides homeowners through the process, beginning with assessing needs and fixing a realistic budget to finding accessories and adornments for less money.

For the space-limited, Houses & Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet features a collection of more than 50 projects -- houses and apartments from around the world ranging from 258 to 958 square feet -- and follows many of the same principles. Each home is profiled in over two to six photo-filled pages. Drawings include floor layouts, cutaways and landscaping plans.

Space is sliced and diced into levels and walls and ceilings are angled and sloped to achieve the greatest amount of functional floor space and light exposure. The 1977 home in Tokyo, for example, is just 769 sq ft for a family of six. The owners replaced two bedrooms with two-story modules to incorporate two bedrooms and children's areas, and increased the house's usable space by 50 percent.

A stylish house does not require a lot of money or space. All it takes is inspiration and a plan.

Together, Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces and Houses and Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet are a stunning, cutting-edge source of inspiration and practical information for architects, designers, and homeowners.

Title: Low Budget Tricks for Small Spaces

Author: Montse Borràs, editor

Pub date: September 2013

Format: paperback

Price: $24.95 / 256 pages / 6½ × 8 / 400 full color photographs


About the author:

Montse Borràs is a freelance editor and translator based in Barcelona, Spain. She has worked for several publishing houses and written or edited many books on architecture, among them 150 Best Kitchen Ideas, coauthored with Aitana Lleonart; City Lofts; Open Kitchens; and Lobby Designs.

Title: Houses and Apartments Under 1000 Square Feet

Author: Yuri Caravaca Gallardo

Pub date: September 2013

Format: paperback

Price: $24.95 / 256 pages / 6½ × 8 / full color photographs throughout, floor plans and elevations


About the author:

Yuri Caravaca Gallardo is a journalist in intercultural issues and East Asian Studies with a special interest in Japanese Arts and Architecture. He has lived in Japan and now lives and works in Barcelona.

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