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March 20, 2008 15:08 ET

Low Thyroid Function: A 7 Step Plan to Overcome This Hidden Epidemic From UltraWellness

Running the Right Tests for Low Thyroid Function Can Help Diagnose and Correct Thyroid Problems in Millions of People

LENOX, MA--(Marketwire - March 20, 2008) - Many of the 45 million people affected by hypothyroidism don't know they have it because doctors aren't running the right tests. But by following the new guidelines for hypothyroid testing, as well as running lesser-known tests, doctors could diagnose more people with low thyroid function.

"There are many reasons for low thyroid function, yet I've seen lots of patients with this problem who were just ignored by their doctors," said Mark Hyman, M.D. of UltraWellness. "Most doctors just check something called the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which doesn't give a full picture of the thyroid, the interpretation of this test is incorrect most of the time."

Most doctors only regard TSH levels over 5 or 10 as worth treating, but new guidelines from the American College of Endocrinology consider anybody with a TSH level over 3.0 as hypothyroid. There are also other tests, including free T3, free T4 and thyroid antibodies, which are essential for diagnosing low thyroid function.

"Using old guidelines and thinking, conventional medicine misses millions who suffer with hypothyroidism," said Hyman. "I like to look at all of the factors that could be causing chronic thyroid problems such as chronic inflammation from gluten intolerance or food allergies, chronic stress, heavy metals such as mercury, or deficiencies of vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A, zinc, and omega-3 fats."

Hypothyroidism can also be caused by environmental toxins such as pesticides, which act as hormone or endocrine disruptors and interfere with thyroid hormone metabolism and function, causing hypothyroidism, creating a slow metabolism and preventing weight loss.

"I believe a comprehensive approach is needed to address chronic thyroid issues and to diagnose them. Unfortunately, most of the options for healing by conventional care are quite limited and only provide a partial solution, but by following my seven-step plan you can achieve optimal health and UltraWellness," said Hyman.

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