August 10, 2009 13:45 ET

LTLprints Launches Big Wall Graphics From Leading Artists + Designers

Philadelphia Startup Brings NEW ART to a NEW MEDIUM

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - August 10, 2009) - LTLprints, the 'Larger Than Life Wall Graphics Company,' announced today a global publishing and distribution partnership with the START SOMA ART GALLERY in San Francisco.

LTLprints will publish and distribute a collection of BIG WALL GRAPHICS, created by artists and designers curated by the START SOMA ART GALLERY.

Artists and designers featured in the launch of the Larger Than Life BIG WALL GRAPHICS catalog include Susan Kare, Justin Bua, VULCAN, Sugarluxe, Casey O'Connell, Felix LaFlamme, Tricia Choi, Mark Wasyl, Kelly Towles, Luke Feldman, Moses Norenberg, Matthew Porter, SAMALA, Martin Hsu, APEX, Fat Rabbit Farm, Gabe Marquez, Christian Wiseman, ARG Studios, and the Ice Cream Man.

"Larger Than Life Prints is honored to work with some of the world's premier artists and designers to bring amazing new art to a revolutionary new medium," according to Kendall Schoenrock, co-founder of LTLprints. "With the launch of our first curated BIG WALL GRAPHICS collection, we hope to transform empty walls everywhere with our giant removable and reusable wall graphics!"


BIG WALL GRAPHICS are quite literally 'larger-than-life' (with customer-selected sizes ranging from twelve inches to seven feet tall!), and are printed with eco-solvent digital inks on a state-of-the-art self-adhesive fabric paper, with fabric actually woven between the matte presentation layer and the repositionable adhesive substrate. BIG WALL GRAPHICS can be moved 100 times without losing adhesion or leaving a residue, and are safe to apply over wallpaper and will actually stick to brick or concrete. BIG WALL GRAPHICS will not leave a mark or harm walls, and they don't require a hairdryer or heat gun for installation and re-positioning. Nor do they require arduous assembly or connecting multiple smaller prints -- all BIG WALL GRAPHICS are printed as a SINGLE contour-cut graphic for seamless installation. BIG WALL GRAPHICS are NOT printed on vinyl, which has a tendency to curl, peel, and crack, and leaves a residue behind which can damage many surfaces. Although vinyl has emerged as the nascent industry standard for wall graphics (presumably because it is so much cheaper to mass-produce), LTLprints has elected to print exclusively on a patent-pending premium self-adhesive fabric paper.

"We tested every combination of materials that are currently available, and selected the optimal media solution for aesthetics, durability, value, and ease of installation," according to Carsten Petzold, co-founder of LTLprints. "The production technologies we use to create BIG WALL GRAPHICS are quite literally state-of-the-art, and we are excited to combine NEW ART with this amazing NEW MEDIUM."


"We are showcasing an exceptionally talented and eclectic group of artists and designers," according to John Doffing, the founder of the START SOMA ART GALLERY. "The artwork we selected for the LTLprints catalog ranges from Susan Kare's larger-than-life ICONS to the urban realism of painter Justin Bua and historically significant street art from aerosol legend VULCAN -- delivered directly to customers' walls via an amazing high-tech new medium that looks great and doesn't cost a lot of money."

John Doffing created and curated the PAINTED ROOMS exhibitions at the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco, and as the founder and CEO of START MOBILE, he has brought digital artwork to millions of mobile consumers around the world. "BIG WALL GRAPHICS combine the most compelling features of the Painted Rooms at the Art Hotel in San Francisco -- namely: AMAZING BIG ART right on YOUR wall! -- with the mass-market potential of mobile art," according to Doffing. "BIG WALL GRAPHICS fit perfectly into our vision of ART FOR EVERYONE + ART FOR EVERYWHERE, and I am absolutely honored to curate BIG ART for this affordable new medium."

The first BIG WALL GRAPHICS collection includes several dozen featured artists and several hundred individual BIG WALL GRAPHICS.

BIG WALL GRAPHICS are available via LTLprints:

Artwork selected for inclusion in the BIG WALL GRAPHICS catalog will also be featured in the NEW ART 09 exhibition, which opens at the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco in October 2009.


LTLprints was founded by entrepreneurs Kendall Schoenrock and Carsten Petzold to bring exclusive custom and branded wall graphics to the world. "We set out to create a platform for creative expression that would bring larger-than-life repositionable wall graphics to empty walls everywhere," according to LTLprints founder Kendall Schoenrock. "And we are working with the worlds' premier artists, designers, and brands to literally CREATE a new medium." launched in December 2008, as a platform that enables anyone to create, buy, and sell large-format repositionable wall graphics. "We believe that state-of-the-art digital printing on cutting-edge new materials should not be limited to corporate trade shows," according to LTLprints founder Carsten Petzold. "So we created a platform to bring gorgeous and affordable giant wall graphics to the world."

LTLprints prints all of their products in the United States, and both user-generated and curated content is printed on demand. LTLprints currently powers dedicated Larger Than Life Wall Graphic Storefronts for partners globally, and is launching additional branded wall graphic catalogs for new partners in the entertainment, sports, fashion, design, retail, and art worlds.

LTLprints is headquartered in Philadelphia, and is privately funded.


In 2004, the START SOMA ART GALLERY in San Francisco started putting on art shows in the newly created Hotel des Arts, a boutique hotel located across the street from the Chinatown Gate in San Francisco's Union Square. Curator John Doffing created a groundbreaking series of PAINTED ROOMS exhibitions at the Art Hotel, in which dozens of guest rooms were transformed into works of art by emerging artists from around the world. Artists with 'painted rooms' at the Hotel des Arts include Shepard Fairey, CHOR BOOGIE, David Choe, Sam Flores, Sugarluxe, Vulcan, Tricia Choi, Apex, Casey O'Connell, Punkadelik, Kelly Tunstall, Buff Monster, Plasticgod, Terrance Hughes, Peat Wollaeger, Kelly Ording, Jet Martinez, Brian Ermanski -- and dozens more.



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