SOURCE: LTS Scale Company, LLC

Fork Truck Mounted Dimensioning and Weighing

September 09, 2009 06:04 ET

LTS Dimension XYZ(C) Fork Truck Mounted Dimensioning Device Allows Carriers to Efficiently Dimension and Weigh Every Pallet

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - September 9, 2009) - LTS Scale Company, LLC introduces the LTS Dimension XYZ©, the first fork truck mounted dimensional weighing system. With prices in the mid-teens, the LTS Dimension XYZ© promises to do for dimensioning what the LTS Lift Truck Scale did for weighing of palletized product.

It is now possible for an LTL shipper to cost-effectively capture the dimensions (volume measurements) of every pallet they handle. By integrating this device into an established reweigh program an LTL carrier can bill its customer based on the weight of the pallet or the volume that the product occupies in his trailer and capture the lost revenue created by misclassification, wasted space and low-density product.

The LTS Dimension XYZ© captures the dimensions in a matter of a few seconds, making it possible to cube and weigh every pallet handled by the carrier without interrupting the work flow on busy docks. Large stationary dimensioning units require the fork truck driver to lose a great deal of time bringing the pallet to a central location, putting it down and waiting for the system to generate an answer. These stationary systems are too time-consuming to be a cost-effective platform for a comprehensive dimensioning program. The LTS Dimension XYZ© fork truck mounted dimensioning device eliminates that wasted time and motion, making cargo dimensioning and density-based billing practical for every pallet handled by air freight or LTL carriers.

The information can be transmitted via 802.11 or 802.15 wireless networks to the carriers' billing system ensuring that the correct invoice is sent out the first time. The system supports peripherals such as barcode scanners, Bluetooth communication, printers and fork truck mounted scales. Its 10.5" full color touch screen provides an excellent platform for cross-docking software and custom applications developed by in-house IT departments.

The system is based on an Intel Core i7 920 64 bit microprocessor with 12GB of RAM, which supports 8 processing threads. A 32GB solid state hard drive is ideally suited for the vibration-intensive environment of fork trucks and provides the storage for the dimensioning software with room to spare for other applications, such as warehouse management and cross-docking applications. Its expansion is supported by multiple USB ports, Serial ports and PCIexpress bus.

LTS Scale Company, LLC has been an industry leader in fork truck mounted scales for over 40 years.;

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