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August 16, 2012 05:35 ET

Lucky Nugget Casino Unveil Their Top 10 Tricks of the Poker Pros

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 16, 2012) - Four WSOP bracelet holder and two-time World Poker Tour winner Daniel Negreanu's total live tournament winnings have just been announced – more than $16.1 million so far! So Lucky Nugget Casino have compiled a list of his top ten poker tips.

General Tips:


Bluffing's an important skill, but the ability to spot opponents' bluffing is even more vital. Get to know your opponents, and really keep your eyes and ears open to them. Do they seem like the bluffing type? Watch out for when they bluff, and how often, if at all.


One tell-spotting tip. As well as looking out for any unusual body language from your opponents, look them right in the eye. Often, you can spot fear there – a nervousness that indicates they're bluffing.

Practise, Practise, Practise!

Spotting bluffs and tells, as well as improving your poker strategy and play becomes easier with experience. The more you practise, the better you'll become, and without putting in the hours, you'll never improve.

Know your Enemy

Pay attention to the way your opponent has played past hands, and you'll be better placed to recognise any strange hands from then in the future. Get to know their betting patterns, and it'll be easier to sniff out when something's up.

Tournament Tips:

Head Start

When you get to the final table, never be complacent, even about your own chip stack. Always be ultra aware of your chip stack and where you stand against the others. Knowing where you sit in the game is key to deciding how to play as the game unfolds.

Know when to be Aggressive

Aggression, and by that we mean heavily assertive play, is an essential tool at the tournament table, and can work in your favour when you know when to use it. You'll come up against players who are just waiting around, and this is where to channel your aggressive play – Daniel's tip for this type of player, "Be very, very aggressive…really, just pound them."

Sit Back

If you can, try and let the other players at the knock each other out a bit, while you just sit back and slowly move up the pace game.

Final Table Tip

When you're at the final table, make sure that when you get down to 4, 3, and heads up, you play a lot more hands and are more aggressive than you would be earlier in the tournament.


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