May 19, 2015 00:07 ET

Lucrazon Global - Integrates All Cryptocurrency and E-Wallets Making E-Commerce Easier Than Ever

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - May 19, 2015) - The fully integrated e-commerce platform, Lucrazon Global has blended cryptocurrency with e-wallets for all e-commerce solutions, changing the way online businesses launch their payment gateways. The new service will benefit a variety of businesses, from organizations providing services, such as insurance and marketing firms, to retailers that rely strictly on e-commerce. Small startups have been able to see astronomical growth to the point where they are worth millions. Inspired by these success stories, many decide to make the move to the $1.5 trillion e-commerce industry (source: -- only to discover starting an online business is far more complex and expensive than one might think. Lucrazon Global has addressed this problem with the release of their latest product offering.

Using a patent-pending, fully integrated e-commerce system technology, Lucrazon Global combines all the necessary steps to start and run a successful online business, including web design and development, procuring a payment gateway, Merchant Account and Payment Processor, and finding a reliable product supplier. Integrating all these steps into one convenient system, Lucrazon Global makes it possible to activate the included Merchant Account and begin accepting payments on the same day. For businesses that already have an inventory, a basic e-commerce store provides everything necessary to instantly begin selling products. For start-ups without an inventory in place, the company has created an e-store with over 15,000 top-selling brand name products, including Tom's of Maine, Ecover, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day, and Method home products. Clients can take advantage of the lucrative opportunity to become a Lucrazon Global Brand Partner, offering the same revolutionary services with the added bonus of multiple revenue streams, including direct sales, merchant account portfolios, merchant services, and monthly residuals and hosting.

In keeping with its innovative stance, Lucrazon Global not only facilitates the use of all credit cards, but also integrates alternative payments, including cryptocurrency and E-wallet support. Cryptocurrency, a digital medium of exchange, is inherently secure due to the use of cryptography and facilitates the quicker sending and receipt of payments. Bitcoin, the first and most widely used decentralized digital currency, is extensively supported. Other e-wallets, including Bitpay, BitGo, Coinbase, Coinkite, and Hive, are also incorporated into Lucrazon Global's payments system, making the integration of potential customers' preferred e-wallets into a website's store an attractive selling point. To ensure that all clients worldwide are taken care of, the company hosts Brand Partners in US, EU, and Canada, offering an expansive international e-wallet that supports global payments across 200 countries in over 20 currencies. While Ecommerce allows for global business transactions, these considerations ensure that doing so is actually viable.

Lucrazon Global is a fully integrated e-commerce platform and Global Business Network, designed specifically for Internet Entrepreneurs, Work from Home and Network Marketing professionals, and businesses of any type. A leader in ecommerce solutions, the company specializes in providing multi functional websites, such as e-stores, with product inventories, integrated shopping carts, drop shipments, access to multiple suppliers, and real time account activation.

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