September 18, 2012 06:00 ET

Ludei Releases HTML5 Mobile Cloud Compiler to All Developers

Free Service Makes Any Web App or HTML5 Game Native in Real-Time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 18, 2012) - Ludei, makers of the premier HTML5 mobile game development platform, announced today that the first of many cloud platform components -- the Ludei Cloud Compiler -- is open to public beta and that any HTML5 game or web app developer could use the service to build apps for delivery to the Apple App Store or to Google Play. The company also announced that the service would be free for developers.

The Cloud Compiler is the first platform offering from Ludei that includes support for any HTML5 web app, not just games. With the Ludei platform, developers build their apps in 100 percent HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and other web development languages and Ludei does the heavy lifting, automagically turning the projects into native apps. About a dozen apps are either already in the app store or are in the process of being built and tested using the new Ludei cloud service.

"This is big day for Ludei and for mobile developers. Our Cloud Compiler is the first in a series of new cloud services that we'll roll out between now and the end of the fourth quarter that use the Ludei Cloud to simplify the process of delivering and monetizing HTML5 games and apps," said Joe Monastiero, President of Ludei. "If you read the analyst reports, they all seem to agree on one thing -- Hybrid native apps are the future of mobile computing."

Apps in Minutes
Two of the biggest challenges HTML5 game and app developers face are distribution and cross-platform development. There just are not that many compelling HTML5 app stores in the world and paying for two or more mobile development teams can be crippling to small companies. The Ludei Cloud Compiler solves this by taking standard HTML5 app projects and spitting out hybrid native binaries that can be distributed to the most compelling app stores. Apps are compiled in a matter of minutes

"We love the power and simplicity of Ludei's CocoonJS compiler," said Geoff Blair, co-founder of Lost Decade Games. "As a bootstrapped indie studio, we're betting on the portability of HTML5. With CocoonJS we can easily publish our games to the App Store and Google Play in addition to the open web -- all from a single codebase." Lost Decade published their first three titles, Lava Sword, Lunch Bug and Onslaught! Defense using the Cloud Compiler in just a few hours last week.

Turnkey Solution
The Ludei Platform -- CocoonJS, CAAT, the Cloud Compiler, and Launcher for iOS and Android, enables HTML5 developers to develop, accelerate, enhance, deploy and monetize their games on mobile devices as Hybrid native iOS and Android applications. CocoonJS provides the performance boost necessary for the animated game experience; HTML5 enhancement APIs provide access to unique hardware capabilities (like the camera and vibration) of mobile devices as well as to native In-App Payments and Ad Networks; the CAAT game engine helps accelerate the development process and time to market; the Ludei Cloud Compiler enables web app developers to deliver their apps to the places it matters, native app stores; and the Ludei Launcher offers on-device testing and simulation.

The promise of HTML5 cross-platform development is reality with The Ludei Platform.

About Ludei
Ludei makes HTML5 performance gaming a reality for game developers & publishers eager to develop, deploy and monetize their games on iOS and Android devices. Founded by CEO Eneko Knorr and based in San Francisco, Ludei was funded by the Spain-based startup accelerator Ideateca. To learn more go to