February 22, 2013 09:00 ET

Ludei Showcases Power of HTML5 Game Development With Simultaneous Multi-Platform Launch of iBasket

Ludei Platform Pushes iBasket to Seven App Stores From a Single Codebase

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 22, 2013) - Ludei, the world's leading HTML5 game development platform, today pushed a new HTML5 version of its hit basketball title iBasket to seven major app stores without a single code change, demonstrating the platform's power to deploy HTML5 code as high-performance, multi-platform games.

The Ludei HTML5 game development platform lets developers use a single codebase to run HTML5 games on all mobile devices with native-like performance and features, solving the performance issues often associated with HTML5 titles. iBasket is already one of the most successful mobile sports titles on the market with more than 15 million users worldwide, and this multi-platform launch extends reach to the Apple, Google Play, Amazon, NOOK®, Facebook, Firefox and Chrome stores -- drastically increasing potential reach. The Ludei Platform will also add support for the Windows Store, Intel AppUp Center and Pokki Store later this month, bringing the total supported marketplaces to 10.

"iBasket demonstrates the remarkable power we're placing in developers' hands -- to run HTML5 games with intricate animation and physics across multiple platforms, with native payment and ad support for each platform," said Ludei CEO Eneko Knorr. "Many people thought it couldn't be done, but our platform makes it a reality."

The Ludei platform solves another one of the key concerns developers have had about HTML5: making money. Cross-platform developers can easily distribute and monetize their applications with Ludei's simple support of native in-app payments, ad networks, multiplayer and Game Center functionality. Additionally, developers have embraced the platform because it enables high-end performance once reserved for native applications, with graphics acceleration, multichannel audio and access to other cool native hardware features.

"We help developers create and distribute incredible HTML5-based games that are perfectly optimized for mobile and Web devices, all from a single unified codebase," continued Knorr. "Developers don't need to decide what device to develop for first -- they can build for all devices at once -- and they don't have to hire teams for each platform. With Ludei, developers can simply build awesome games."

The new iBasket release takes full advantage of these innovative extensions; it runs at 60 frames per second with Ludei's CocoonJS technology -- up to 20 times faster than it would run in a browser -- and includes payments, advertising, social and multiplayer experiences.

The Ludei platform is used by thousands of developers, including some of the world's biggest entertainment companies, and since releasing its Cloud Compiler in October 2012, more than 150 HTML5 games have been built and deployed to the Apple App Store and Google Play using the technology. Titles released by developers using the Ludei platform include Onslaught Defense and Lunch Bug from Lost Decade Games, Rhino Hero from shortblackmocca, Ready to Roll from D Lewis, Turmoil Remake from Martin Edmaier, Blasteroids by Enigmasoft, BMX Rider 2 from Nguyen Huu Minh Nhat and Astral Defenders from Gies Design. In addition to iBasket, Ludei has released its Sumon puzzle game to the Apple and Android markets.

The Ludei platform includes four key components:

  • CocoonJS: Provides the extended APIs and performance boost necessary for a quality animated game experience, and HTML5 Enhancement and Extension APIs to make each app run "Same as Native" on each selected platform.
  • CAAT: Ludei's game engine accelerates the development process and time to market.
  • The Ludei Extensions: JavaScript Bridge APIs that add access to critical game features like native in-app payments, push notifications, Social networks and native ad networks.
  • The Ludei Cloud: Offers native compilation, live updates, analytics, multiplayer support and storage. Turns HTML5 code into a ready-to-roll native "hybrid" application.

iBasket is now available for download from the Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Facebook and Chrome stores and is coming soon to NOOK and Firefox.

About Ludei
Based in San Francisco, Calif., Ludei is a game technology company that provides developers with all the ingredients they need to quickly and easily develop, optimize and distribute HTML5-based games. Ludei's HTML5 platform currently powers more than 150 iOS and Android game titles. The company's own popular native mobile games including iBasket, Sumon and Slide Soccer have been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide. To learn more about Ludei's platform, please visit: