January 13, 2010 09:00 ET Achieves Milestone -- Uncovering 20 Million Points of Common Ground Among Its Members

Setting New Standard for Value of Social Media Interactions and Impacting the Greater Good Online

EL SEGUNDO, CA--(Marketwire - January 13, 2010) - Lunch (, a social media website that connects people to their common ground with others, today announced that it has reached a milestone, establishing over 20 million points of common ground among its members since launching in April 2009. This bellwether demonstrates that Lunch's offering stands to significantly change the social media landscape, considering that the lion's share of potential common ground has yet to be uncovered. By sharing opinions and thoughts on nearly any topic imaginable, members of the Lunch community are creating millions of points of potential common ground. Lunch can then reveal where these points intersect, using its proprietary Similarity Network, allowing members to discover commonalities as well as new things they may have never encountered otherwise.

"Pointing out that two people share a mutual love of something as simple as Avatar or Zhu Zhu Pets, has the potential to impact our collective level of tolerance and understanding in the other more substantial and polarizing aspects of our lives," said J.R. Johnson, founder and chief executive officer. "That's the real power of Lunch's Similarity Network."

The site's Similarity Network also uses smart filtering to cut through the clutter of content online, to zero in on what is most relevant for each individual. Lunch members share and discover on topics they feel especially passionate about, ranging from a life philosophy to video games, cars, grocery stores to beauty products.

"There are two huge wins here. Our members are getting much greater value out of the time they spend online, by finding the most relevant and high quality content for their personal perspective," said Johnson. "As a result, there's this very real and positive impact that comes from planting small seeds of change that will hopefully shift the status quo from thinking that we are all different to thinking we are all somehow similar."

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Lunch ( is a social media website where people share and discover genuinely useful information, connecting to others with common interests while uncovering common ground with those who may appear to be their total opposites. Fueled by curiosity, Lunch features reviews, lists and ratings created by members of the community, on almost any imaginable topic. From the latest TV show, to a politician, a charity, a baby stroller, or universal healthcare, it's a place for all interests. Launched in April 2009 by J.R. Johnson (former founder and CEO of, which was acquired by Expedia in July 2008), Lunch's proprietary Similarity Network engine calculates commonalities in taste and opinions among the site's members. In 2009, Lunch began hosting 'Lunch for Good', an event series bringing together innovators and thought-leaders in the tech and Internet space to discuss how to evolve the way people participate and interact online. For more information, please visit or send an email to

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